Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Postcards and Peepers

So....,Chicken Math {^-^}
Adding a few new babies to my flock. 
I am just keeping 3 of these cuties. I'm bringing the other 3 to my mom tonight. I thought I knew which ones I was saving for me, but then my daughter seen them and called dibs on a few. So I've had to slightly alter the selection of who goes to moms. 
We're keeping the soot black on at the far end (because she looks like our other chicken Wednesday).
• Mom gets the pretty barred rock.
I'm keeping the golden-red one & the tiny peach one. Most of my flock are dark colours, except for Harriet and Monday & Tuesday tend to pick on her so I'm hoping another light colour bird will even things out. 
•Than Mom gets the grey/brown and the reddish/black columbian x's. I'm not 100% the greyish one is a pullet. She may wind up being a roo; but that's okay for her. I just can't have them in my yard. 

I think I shared this photo before, but this is my established flock. Monday & Tuesday (the brown twins against the fence) are the battle axes of this group. They're SuPPOSE to be going back to mom since they were gifted to her before (before bylaw found them in their back yard - after being there 3 years; just before Edmonton agreed to do a pilot run of licenses for backyard chickens; before my folks moved to the acerage). But mom's now saying she'd rather start from wee ones if the biggies are evil. *uh huh*  They're not even laying (the twins). 
These eggs are Skippy's, Harriet's, Cuddles' or Clover's (I'm not sure who was in the lot box that time) & Wednesday's. With 7 hens I should be getting 7 eggs but I average these 4. Sometimes 2. All depends on who was sneaky enough to get into the coop with out the twins seeing. {>~<}

As of right now - these are my standings. 18 cards have been sent/received; 18 cards I have received & 7 are still traveling to their destination. (Technically 5 are traveling...2 I only filled out today & are in my outgoing bin to be picked up by my driver at the end of the day. 

I've also sent out 3 "random-for-fun" postcards (direct swap requests). None of those have come to me.

I'm having fun not only getting to see the neat cards people send but also on a post office side of things - how long it takes to get somewhere. Longest thus far being Russia. Which can take between 36-45 days from here. Fastest obviously being the USA taking the normal 10-12 day mark. I've yet to get a Canadian address. There's only been one dud of a card. It was hand made by someone I thought was much younger than their letter enclosed stated. So perhaps it wa one of their students? 

I *did* indicate on my profile I liked they at least took that into consideration?


  1. Aww I think the Owl's cute :)

  2. It is cute, but I'm pretty sure the kids did a similar craft in kindergarten. Just unexpected was all.


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