Monday, 9 May 2016

Weekend Exhaustion

Saturday was The 10th Annual IFRD. I was lucky to be able to meet up with some ladies in a nearby town and boot about with them for the day. 

We we flagged down by this little gal raising money for Red Cross's #YMMStrong campaign by selling lemonade. In one of the towns we passed through. (I'm the blonde with glasses on the far right). 

**Alas while we were enjoying the gorgeous weather and slim traffic, unbeknownst to us, (on a hwy stretch a little closer to home) a still green rider took a corner too wide on an already blind Corner, crossed the centre line and into the path of a north bound truck. Not only did She lose her life, but her husband, who was following behind in his vehicle had to witness it. The media hasn't officially released her name but we are a small town and everyone is already aware of the family now one important member short. 😥

**Hubby is home now. They finally evac'd the employees & shut down the plants as the wind shifted and drove the fires closer. 88.000 people evac'd & not a single life lost to the fire! Best Fire Drill ever accomplished! 😉  

Spent Mothers Day with my inlaws. 😖 Got to snuggle my smallest nephew and nieces. Daughter gave me a photo album she had filled with photos of us and art work with a story line in it. Was very sweet 💋
These are a few of the pages: (the boys; including husband, didn't even remember it was Mothers Day - but then they just float though the week anyway not really caring what calendar day is it). 

Only 4 more days til final Dance performance!!


  1. Your post is full of so many different emotions. Made me think about life and how important each day is. Prayers for your family, friends and town.

  2. Aww I love the photo album! I'm glad hubby is back home that's great nobody lost their lives. Except the poor girl on her bike that's really sad.


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