Friday, 27 May 2016

Other Goings On:

Hubby is still home. Can you feel my tension?

Management hasn't quite figured out how things are going down yet in way of calling people back. He gets his regular updates, more so from the fire consult conference calls that the Red Cross has been sending out each day. Next Wednesday (so June 1st) he's going to take his mother up so she can assess the damage to the house. They are letting people back into town in sections. Downtown, where they live & hasn't been damaged by the actual fire, is 1st. They will take photos of the damage (heat & smoke) for insurance; there are adjusters in town already that will be making the rounds for everyone. Then grab whatever it is that she wants to for collectables/valuables & clothing.

Everyone has been instructed that they are not to open their fridges/freezers & to just bind them up good with tape & eventually they will be taken outside for collection. The fire, still in the woodland area is not the only problem now. Bears, have been making their way into town, having been lured by the abundance of decaying food. We always had an issue with bears coming into town. Especially in the early part of spring/summer when they first wake up. Its why there was always bear traps along the paved bike path that went from Thickwood (upper side of town) to down town. The joke was you knew when it was Spring in McMurray because it smelt of thawing dog poop & bear lure. ;P

She was able to get out to the gun range yesterday to assess the damage. Club house structures are "fine", but their roofs & exteriors have been melted/burned/rolled up from the heat and falling debris. She said there was quite a bit of smoke still in the air & its a fair ways outside of town - we're sure it will be even more thick once you get into the lower lying downtown area.

Hubby's been doing a lot of building for his mama out at the cabin though. Since she's going to be staying there a long while, she might as well be comfortable and have a place for all the extra things she will be bringing back from the Mac with her.

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  1. Wow that's crazy! I hope everything gets back to normal soon!


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