Friday, 6 May 2016


I haven't been on much  - lots going on at home & now there are the fires! My Brother-in-law lost his house & we're pretty sure my brother did too. Everyone's safe though down here at the cabin now. Mother in law FINALLY evacuated. Police had to go to her house to make her leave. Its her whole world. She's had so much going on this past year that it was just a little too stressful for her.

Hubby is still locked in at work out at site. They've started to evac people from the camps they were sent to north of the city, he's not at camp though. He's found a "comfy" corner in the lunch room to sleep in. He has to stay as he's considered one of the essential staff. I know he's safe where he is but it still unnerves me that even with all the extra fire fighters ~ they can't get it under control. It makes me sick to watch my hometown burn :'(

There's plenty of negativity in the media about the oilsands in McMurray - but what people who are not from there don't realize is that the plants, are just a small portion of the area. It was (will be) beautiful. Lots of forestry & green space. Even with all the new construction going on that took away from some of it (as it happens in all cities expanding) there was still greenery. I know that eventually once everything stops burning....and the earth has a chance to rest, that it will come back greener than ever. Its been a long while since we had a good burn to rid the dead under brush.....this is just too much burning though!

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  1. Wow I hope they had insurance! I'm glad your family is safe I hope hubby can come home soon!


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