Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Pirates, Rum & Babies

I'm My family (the men) host a Thursday get together at my Uncles house dubbed appropriately "Rum Night". They are big on having a good time - large gatherings, foolish antics.  Multi generations of (legal aged) male bravado enhanced with Rum.

So it was very fitting that for my globe trotting cousins, who like adventure (seriously, these 2 head to the mountains to go glacier ice climbing on weekends), and rum....that I stitched this piece for their recent addition.

I took the Sue Hillis Design pattern "Tools of the Trade" and changed out the words to make it a name sampler.

And here it is in a frame; a little blurrier because I had to try and take the photo before the dog walked in front of me again. She thinks the words "take a picture" mean of her...ALL THE TIME.

I'm back in my own office now so I can actually do more stitch work on Ronnie's requested piece. He came in today to see if I was back...I am. I apologized for not having more done but he waved me away saying it was not a rush as he wouldn't be down there for a bit. He did give me 2 small pairs of scissors though. A blue handled pair and a curved Singer thread trimmer. Apparently he'd picked them up at an auction and sharpened them for me. Which he did a good job at as I dropped one pair off my desk & it landed on my foot. I have a small puncture mark where it poked me. :S
 I did manage to get a little done on the 2 bottom deer during lunch. I was in town waiting while my new tires were being put on.

Have you ever gifted a stitched piece for an auction? Do you follow said auction to see how much people may think your piece is actually worth paying? I'll admit I was slightly miffed when I submitted my piece to the LTL. I was asked to give a starting price I thought they should start at as well as what the item would cost at retail. I gave a break down of the material cost: cloth, floss, pattern, frame, mounting board....and suggested they aim for at least $40 which is what the frame alone cost. While they put my little price break down under the picture - they set the Starting Bid at $10. One bid is on it for the $10 from a gal I know.
The one I submitted last year also only went for $10 (to another friend.)

I don't think next year I will be submitting. I know it shouldn't, but seeing such a low balled offer really does take away from the joy I got from stitching them up. I was hoping it would make a boosted financial contribution for the group, as many other handy craft items have in the past. The organization does do good works over in the Congo w/ the Orphans (& those children who are legally adopted by parents outside of, but still remain in the DRC because of bureaucratic red tape.) It's especially hard to see that a box of playdoh which started at $5 is now sitting at just over $50.

*Rant Complete*


  1. You have the best posts. Your family must be a ton of fun.. Love how you added the Names to the Pirate picture. And I feel you pain - because very few people who do not stitch, do not appreciate the work involved. Fingers Crossed this will change. It sounds like a great cause.

  2. Thank you :)
    It really is a great cause. The friend who is an intrical part of the group finally got their little boy home at Christmas. He has legally been their son for the past 3 years but w/ the power struggle between the 2 governments hes been stuck in limbo.

  3. I LOVE the pirate piece! I'd be miffed too at such a low offer. I'm sure it looked great! Nice progress :)


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