Saturday, 9 April 2016

Oh Deer, I've found my Map

 Piece by piece I am slowly getting through my WIPs/UFO drawer. I took my "World Map" to work yesterday to finish up the back stitching. That's all that was left to do on it. Just too lazy to actually get the gold lines put in. Well now its all stitched up & can move from the one drawer....into the finished chest. HAHAHA.

I finally finished the lay out that I want for Ronnie's requested piece. I had started by just making copies of the 2 patterns I wanted parts from, cutting them out and laying them down on the cloth. I took photos of it so I would know where I wanted things to go & had started on the lower deer. But it was bugging me that I didn't actually have a pattern to follow so for the last couple of days I would manually copy out all the pattern pieces into my PCStitch program & move things around to get them where I wanted them to be. I came across a set of letters (in the new Crazy for Cross Stitch ipad edition) and have incorporated them into this plotted out mess.
 So I have it done up w/ a white background here so I could see the grid lines as I was entering all the parts in.  But as I'm actually stitching it on a bluish cloth, I also had to keep flipping back & forth to make sure the blues I was using worked well & didn't just disappear (as this was Ronnie's request to keep it as close to the look of the business card as possible). There's only basic cloth colour selections on the program so I'll still have to that the DMC I've chosen & hold it up to the cloth I'm using to make certain. The large stag will probably wind up black as well since the grey looks a little off in the chart & I'll have to figure something else out about the cabin lights....


  1. this pattern creation is a WOW. Very nice. Love your World Map very happy you have finished it. It is so cool -

  2. Beautiful pattern creation and stitching!


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