Thursday, 24 March 2016

Weekend's here!

I have discovered somethings while working away in the other office. Fun things. 

1st. There is a customer here who LIVES medieval. I’m not just talking about “I like to dress up for cosplay”. I’m talking – he’s part of a fellowship who base their lives on trying to incorporated living in the old ways into their future-living lives. He came in last week all excited his Hurdy-Gurdy arrived. I had no idea what this was or why this odd little man was so a fire with excitement for it to have arrived. His fanatical behaviour had me interested so I did a little google searching.
~ this odd ball sounding named item, is a musical instrument. Looks like a cranked jack in the box, an accordion and a child’s guitar smushed together might resemble. All the while droning out a melodic wail of a zither/bag pipe. His, as he showed me the following week, is made of lighter press board. So not the 3-year hand carved true to form, heavily wooden contraption that I found online. (Think professional vs student).
His website has little to it (though I get the feeling there may be more revealed once you “become a member” of the fellowship) the articles you can read that he has posted are fairly entertaining. Things like dressing up as hobbits & hanging out in the Muttart Conservatory while piping on tin whistles the sounds of the shire. Awesome Sauce! Oh, is my geekiness showing? Whoops ;)

He’s a bubbly little man who at first struck me as very odd…but then after speaking to him a while, I began to see he’s really just THAT EXCITED a human. 
While he claims the group is not “just cos-players nor do we do LARP’ing” he did invite myself and my hubby down to the Medieval Faire that is happening in southern Alberta later this summer. Apparently if we go – and help out…..he will pay us to be character performers. Lol

2nd: When the kids were younger, and I was more the lonely housebound wife….I did a lot of snail mailing. Granted the internet wasn’t as big as it is now ~ frick I didn’t really even have a grasp on ICQ and my MYSpace blog was a little on the lean side. There was a parenting magazine “Today’s Parent” that at the back, had a list of other like minded, lonely moms, carefully putting themselves out there, just needing to find connection with SOMEONE, anyone, somewhere! That didn’t require feeding or diaper changes or…well you get the picture. 

I met some really good gals this way. I few not so good as well, but those ones petered away after a few letters. The ones who were really good – bonded well & formed a website. That was almost 20 years ago…..oh gawd *ack*! How old am I sounding?!?! I even got to meet a few of them in person. Stopped talking to a good many of them after that. The romanticized blank name, being attached to a person who did not meet their (or my) expectations was enough to break that bond. Sad really after putting so many years into a friendship. A few I am still friends with. One I talk to weekly still via FB, while the other flukily enough wound up living just on the other side of the bay from my brother. Her boys & my nieces were in the same scout group. So bizarre. 

Anyway, back to the *NOW* there is another customer here who is in that similar boat. Her boys are little, one’s still in diapers and she lives for the exchangeable mail which are her pen-pals. Awww pen-pals. J She introduced me to this site called PostCrossing. It’s a worldwide post card exchange site. I thought I would give it a go. I don’t know if the amount of cards you can send out raises as you become more active - but the starting number is 5. 

Each postcard has an ID that you put on it so that when it is received, the receiver can verify your mailing has arrived & they may choose to upload the front image to their page. So really, its less like a PENPAL group and more like a PostCard Collection group. Either way, still interesting.
The receiver has a profile. Most list a blurb about their hobbies, likes & what its like where they live. I’ve listed some basics so that I’m not just an empty profile but nothing too in depth. I like my chickens, not always my dogs or my children *haha* I love my motorcycles…bla bla bla, tea, cross stitch, the outdoors. Our lives are pretty beige so really there’s not a lot.  Some profiles tell of specific postcard trends they are wanting to collect (concerts, scenery, items depicting sender locale). Others just say they like to be surprised with what they get. *Like Me*

So for my 1st 5 to be sent out:
1 will be going to the USA;
1 to Russia,
1 to Slovakia;
1 to France
and 1 to Germany. 

I snickered when I read the lady from Moscow’s end note “Please do not send me your photo! Only real postcard” ~ which in my head I read in a thick stereotypically media formed Russian-English accent *hehe* But it definitely makes me wonder if this is a real problem? Suppose it goes back to my notion of the blind romanticism. Of being thought of ~ yet disconnected from any expected reciprocation at the same time.


  1. This was a great blog post. I really enjoyed reading it. Please keep us updated on your Post Card Collections. It does sound like a true adventure.

  2. It sounds like fun! I hope it works out for you :)


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