Monday, 28 March 2016

Dragon Age - Inquistion Stitch

After playing all the different games available for the Xbox 360....and going through DA-I twice with different characters; I was still disappointed that the PC had more available quests then the console did so I gave in and purchased that version as well.

In my random xstitch pattern perusing, I discovered a blog where the author had invested time to create a couple patterns from DA. As seen HERE.
I have one friend on my FB list who was just as enthralled by the characters as I was. Who, has had some really unfortunate things happen to him this past year (biggest one: having survived been run over by a truck!) so that being noted, he's been having what sounds like some really downer moments - though is finally able to walk enough to go back to work. I stitched him this Aravel w/ the elvish scribe roughly translating into “This is my home, a place of peace.” In hopes that he can find some for himself.
She has a 2nd piece on her blog (The Golden Halla) which I may stitch eventually for myself (or someone else)

Thus ends this long (albeit short feeling) weekend for me. Only 4 more days at this alternative office. Hopefully the warm weather we were blessed with this weekend continues. (It was +11c today!) Almost all of the snow has if only the ground were thaw enough for the water to be sucked down, or to have it evaporate. We have 2 dogs. Our yard is poo soup. It would be nice if it were dry enough for me to yard clean.


  1. You are so generous with your stitching. I have a very hard time giving mine away. I feel the same way about my yard.... You described it perfectly

  2. Lovely stitching lol poo soup ewwwww

  3. He said he liked it & that he was sending a photo of it to another friend of his - who actually works for the company who makes the game ( o _ o )


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