Friday, 26 February 2016

Customer Request

So one of my customers for whom I stitched a piece for this year (Ronnie's Rifle Repair) asked me to design a piece for his daughter's shop. She owns a gun (& hunting supplies) store. "Doesn't have to be too difficult" he tells me - then hands me her business card stating he'd like it to be something similar w/ the name of her store in the middle so she can hang it up behind the counter. The template she uses is pretty simple. A varied blue back ground with blacked out silhouettes of deer, some trees and a cabin with a white text.

I told him I knew just the piece for him. Thus....taking on this deal. He said the next time he came in he would bring me some moose meat as payment. Haha! He did ~ it was an enormous roast. 

Its sitting in my freezer until I can finish off his project. I showed him the idea I had and he pointed out the parts he liked & the ones he didn't. I took 2 different patterns, have cut out the parts of both that he wanted and have a piece of Gothic material I will be stitching it on.

Sisterly Love:
 I stitched up the SCC: Fa-La-La-La for my nephew; applied a back board & then glued the whole thing to a wooden plaque. Finishing it off with some cording. She had complained last time I made my niece her birth sampler because it didn't matter that I'd bubbled wrapped it like crazy - the glass still managed to shatter. I didn't want this to meet the same fate.


  1. Wow great payment lol that's a lot of meat! The design you have in mind looks great as well as the owl :)

  2. That's a great way to trade your stitching! Let us know what it tastes like when you do cook it.
    Love the owl, I like birth samplers that suit the child as they grow up. I've not seen the name spelled with a Z before. I get paranoid with the spelling of names on samplers!


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