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End Of February

MY SAL Small submission: Fox Cuddle from the March 2016 Cross Stitcher Magazine.
February WIP workings: Our Neck of the Woods GermanyLeonard's Stag Lisbei's SAL Tools of the Trade February Completes: Stoney Creek: Wonderful Life. This is the piece I stitched as my 2016 Donation for the Linked Through Love online auction.
Stoney Creek: Fa La La La La (Baby Sampler for my sister for my nephew Zavier) Stoney Creek: Beach Snowman (bookmark for Melanie) February New Starts: Bear FishingFox Cuddle

Customer Request

So one of my customers for whom I stitched a piece for this year (Ronnie's Rifle Repair) asked me to design a piece for his daughter's shop. She owns a gun (& hunting supplies) store. "Doesn't have to be too difficult" he tells me - then hands me her business card stating he'd like it to be something similar w/ the name of her store in the middle so she can hang it up behind the counter. The template she uses is pretty simple. A varied blue back ground with blacked out silhouettes of deer, some trees and a cabin with a white text.

I told him I knew just the piece for him. Thus....taking on this deal. He said the next time he came in he would bring me some moose meat as payment. Haha! He did ~ it was an enormous roast. 
Its sitting in my freezer until I can finish off his project. I showed him the idea I had and he pointed out the parts he liked & the ones he didn't. I took 2 different patterns, have cut out the parts of both that he wanted and have…

Be thou Lovin' or Lustin'....

However you spend this day of calendar declared Love.....I hope Cupid's arrow finds its mark.
We don't normally do anything for this day. Hubs, as per the norm, is away at work. The kids are all older now so giving out Valentines to their friends isn't a big thing. They also (with the exception of our eldest) do not have a boyfriend/girlfriends so there's no fretting over what to get there either.

One of my customers made me a plastic heart shaped ring box w/ his 3D printer. Inside he ribboned the phrase "Hugs fill an empty Heart". While he intended to be cheeky - he didn't know it meant a lot more to me that day as I was already off to an emotional start. (Yay for being female with hectic emotions).

I received an email from my Valentine exchange buddy letting me know that she'd one just mailed of hers....but didn't verify if she received mine yet or not.

Kids are in an extended long weekend. Thursday and Friday were part of Teachers convention. M…