Sunday, 17 January 2016

January 17, 2016: Weeks End

Its been extremely slow this past week at work. This leaves of course, lots of time to stitch. The pieces I've been working on have been Frosted Pumpkin's "Fiber Friends" for Lori - Almost finished...I did buy a frame for this one this weekend..

...and the Cat Litter piece.

As my Quick Friday afternoon stitch I started this Margaret Sherry "my cup of tea".
And finished it off as a coaster: with gibbled little eyes hahaha!

Then my mom called to let me know that my cousins have had their baby. Whoop! I had hoped they would be having a little girl....I have a few baby samplers that are for she-babes however they had a little boy. It was a toss up. She comes from a family of 2 girls and my Aunt just had the 2 boys. I'm sure my uncle is beaming that there will be another hockey player "O" boy. Mom sent me a photo of the new little family - she looks proud but tired and Jason is just beaming. Lol
After sitting & mulling through my magazines & leaflets, I have decided upon stitching Sue Hillis' "Tools of the Trade" & altering it to be a baby sampler. Thursday night is the family men's Rum Night so this will grow with him as it has a pirate theme. :)

Found a frame, albeit a tad big... For Darlene and Janice's piece. I will bring it to work Monday and they can pick it up from there.

I also started another baby sampler alteration. Stoney Creek's "Fa la la la la" from the Autumn 2015 magazine. I'm going to leave out the bottom 2 owls and in the blank space of the border I will put the babies name & birth date.

Picked out a medium sized & a small sized "small" for my February piece. Pat Olson's "Fun Folk Santa" for the January '96 issue of For The Love of Cross Stitch & Stoney Creek's "Beachy Snowman".
And finally, because I'm not busy enough - I have pulled together the floss for possibly 2 charity pieces for Linked Through Love's 2016 auction. Both are African themed as many communities are in Uganada and the DRC. 

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  1. Lots of great stitching congrats on the new addition!


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