Monday, 18 January 2016

Jan 18:2016 Stressing Day

Not much stitching done today due to stress and lack of focus. Last night someone tried to throw a Molcov cocktail into my jeep. The bottle hit the back window and the base broke the glass. The neck of the bottle struck the top of the window and snapped off - thus extinguishing the flame on the cloth.  Police were called, took photos, my statement and the bottle. They first told me it was probably a random vandalization. Until later when they actually looked at the bottle and called me back to say they're now going to be classifying it as attempted arson because the cloth showed it was indeed lit. I thought it had a strong scent of fabric softener; but they informed me it was men's colony mixed with alcohol. Which made sense as it was a Bailey's (Salted Caramel) bottle
The 2 officers patrolled around the neighbourhood and determined I was the only one hit. *great* so I've got an apt in the city tomorrow morning for a new window replacement. The deductible for our insurance is higher then what the window will cost so we're just eating the price. Quote was $400. Ridiculous! Esp since I only  paid $250 for my windshield back in November. *fingers crossed my poly and tape holds up the 2 HR drive doing Hwy speeds*

Took BoyChild #2 to get his hair cut during my lunch break. Looks very handsome with his shorter hair. One might even go so far as to say.....employable? Lol

So as for stitching - I just did the outlining border. 


  1. I'm so sorry about your car and the attempted arson, thank goodness it didn't work...

    Your son looks very handsome! Like two different people! :)

  2. Oh wow that's crazy! I didn't realize molotovs were actually a thing outside of video games. He does look handsome lol I love the T-shirt *snort* lovely stitching :)

  3. Yes Heather, that is the masculine humour tones round my place. I'm glad it didn't work either. It's more a thing you'd hear about in a city happening now a small little hamlet like ours.

  4. What an awful experience! I am so glad it didn't catch fire and the car was the only injured party.
    Hubby and I would have employed your son, but we used to run a live music venue! Long hair was practically compulsory LOL


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