Thursday, 28 January 2016

Belated orni's

PFinally got all the back stitching done on my sisters holiday orni's. Now to get them sewn up & mailed out. 

*oops - noticed I didn't finish this got the Sissy's orni's all stitched up and mailed out to them. Well I sent them all to my one sister as I don't know the newest addy for my other one yet - she lives closer so can just get them to her.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

2016 - January SAL Small
January was off to a great stitching start for smalls & completions. 
Here is my January Smalls SAL: 

From the October 2015 Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine:
February Calendar Girl
Size: 50 x 50
She was sent out as my Valentine Orni-Exchange along with some Chocolate Chai tea.

The other January Completions can be broken up in to 2 parts; the new starts with a quick finish and the ones I now get to scratch off the WIPs/UFO Follow List.

2 From the Stoney Creek 2015 Autumn Magazine.
Family Roots:

and Snow Angels: 
and Margaret Sherry's: My Cup of Tea

WIPS/UFO's List Scratchers:
  PINN: Yellow Flower Bookmark
(a 2015 Start)
Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery:
Fiber Friends
(a 2015 Start)

and Sweet Pea
(a 2015 Start....then wait for baby to arrive)

Then of course there are the New Starts I've begun through out the month that are all at various stages of completion on top of the other WIPs/UFO's I've been putting some stitches into. I'm hoping to get most of these completed by the end of February as I replenish with some Feb Starts. *haha*
  1. Stoney Creek: Wonderful Life (charity donation)
  2. Stoney Creek: Our Neck of the Woods (for Mr. Miller)
  3. Durene Jones: Ship's Ahoy
  4. Stoney Creek: Fa La La La La (as a baby sampler)
  5. Stoney Creek: Land of our Home (charity donation)
  6. Sue Hillis Designs: Tools of the Trade (as a baby sampler)
  7. Mystery Gourmandaise SAL w/ Lisbei

Monday, 18 January 2016

Jan 18:2016 Stressing Day

Not much stitching done today due to stress and lack of focus. Last night someone tried to throw a Molcov cocktail into my jeep. The bottle hit the back window and the base broke the glass. The neck of the bottle struck the top of the window and snapped off - thus extinguishing the flame on the cloth.  Police were called, took photos, my statement and the bottle. They first told me it was probably a random vandalization. Until later when they actually looked at the bottle and called me back to say they're now going to be classifying it as attempted arson because the cloth showed it was indeed lit. I thought it had a strong scent of fabric softener; but they informed me it was men's colony mixed with alcohol. Which made sense as it was a Bailey's (Salted Caramel) bottle
The 2 officers patrolled around the neighbourhood and determined I was the only one hit. *great* so I've got an apt in the city tomorrow morning for a new window replacement. The deductible for our insurance is higher then what the window will cost so we're just eating the price. Quote was $400. Ridiculous! Esp since I only  paid $250 for my windshield back in November. *fingers crossed my poly and tape holds up the 2 HR drive doing Hwy speeds*

Took BoyChild #2 to get his hair cut during my lunch break. Looks very handsome with his shorter hair. One might even go so far as to say.....employable? Lol

So as for stitching - I just did the outlining border. 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

January 17, 2016: Weeks End

Its been extremely slow this past week at work. This leaves of course, lots of time to stitch. The pieces I've been working on have been Frosted Pumpkin's "Fiber Friends" for Lori - Almost finished...I did buy a frame for this one this weekend..

...and the Cat Litter piece.

As my Quick Friday afternoon stitch I started this Margaret Sherry "my cup of tea".
And finished it off as a coaster: with gibbled little eyes hahaha!

Then my mom called to let me know that my cousins have had their baby. Whoop! I had hoped they would be having a little girl....I have a few baby samplers that are for she-babes however they had a little boy. It was a toss up. She comes from a family of 2 girls and my Aunt just had the 2 boys. I'm sure my uncle is beaming that there will be another hockey player "O" boy. Mom sent me a photo of the new little family - she looks proud but tired and Jason is just beaming. Lol
After sitting & mulling through my magazines & leaflets, I have decided upon stitching Sue Hillis' "Tools of the Trade" & altering it to be a baby sampler. Thursday night is the family men's Rum Night so this will grow with him as it has a pirate theme. :)

Found a frame, albeit a tad big... For Darlene and Janice's piece. I will bring it to work Monday and they can pick it up from there.

I also started another baby sampler alteration. Stoney Creek's "Fa la la la la" from the Autumn 2015 magazine. I'm going to leave out the bottom 2 owls and in the blank space of the border I will put the babies name & birth date.

Picked out a medium sized & a small sized "small" for my February piece. Pat Olson's "Fun Folk Santa" for the January '96 issue of For The Love of Cross Stitch & Stoney Creek's "Beachy Snowman".
And finally, because I'm not busy enough - I have pulled together the floss for possibly 2 charity pieces for Linked Through Love's 2016 auction. Both are African themed as many communities are in Uganada and the DRC. 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Jan 10, 2016: Weekend Workings

I have finished off the February Calendar Girl I stitched for my recipient of the Valentine's Day exchange. I stitched her on a slip of gold sparkle Charles craft. She is from the October '15 issue of Cross Stitcher magazine by Lili of the Valley.

I've finished and submitted my image to the designer for the 1st part of the Lisbei's SAL. She has the patterns posted on her site for anyone that is interested. There were so many who signed up she chose to forgo the normal mass email and just posts them directly now. I have stitched this on "Tarnished".

I was even able to check off one of the WIP's: The little PINN bookmark. :) I'm just doing the back stitching on the flower & it will be done.

I pulled out Leonard's Stag and put it in my husbands truck *shhh*. I did a bit of work on the right antler on the trip down to the city today. It was slow going as the road was much bumpier in his truck then it is in mine. As it is intended for his father, I didn't think he would completely mind it being in the glove compartment ;)

This is baby Charlie's "Sweet Pea" welcome in a frame. I was waiting for the baby shower before gifting it to Kelly but they apparently had it today, so I will be bringing it to work tomorrow and giving it to her husband when he comes in to collect their mail.

I've brought out the litter box saying for my living room stitch.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Wips/UFO's Following into 2016

I've constructed a list of the pieces that are following me this year in hopes I'll pull them out of the dark of the draw to finish.  I like lists.  So the aim is to have this bunch more visible most are mid - near completion I've just been tempted by other patterns along the way. ;)

From 2015
  • Grand Prix 1958 Poster (also for Tracy P)
  • Owl Lullaby (for Sammie)
  • Dino D.N.A
  • Tranquility (for Ruth)
  • Fiber Friends (for Lori)
  • Lumpy & Roo
  • PINN - Bookmark Kit 30-P (yellow mini w/ sunflower)
  • Moon & Spider Apple Cider
  • Remember (Mcpl Donny)
  • Violin Christmas by Dimentions (Mr. Battrick)
  • Family Tree (Corrin)
From 2014
  • Old Time Locomotive 
  • Magestic Stag (Leonard)
  • House Rules (Gislaine) 
  • DS9 (gift exchange)
  • Poinsettia Ornament 
  • Germany Map (Brock)
  • Cat litter box saying (home)
From 2013
  • So Hot Chili mice (Brock)
  • Tribal Hippo (Cory)
  • Wedding forest (Serenity prayer) Alysha & Jason
  • Summer SAL (Frosted Pumpkin)
  • Chicken Trio (Linda)

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Jan 2, 2016

2 finishes today. Family Roots (SCC Autumn '15 mag) I changed out the leaves colour from the sad brownish variegated it called for to a darker, aged (471) green. Then personalized it with the same dark to light effect. Just need to find my owl button to put into the sway of the branch.

Piece 2 is a belated Xmas gift for a customer lady couple I used floss to fill in where it called for beads and as I didn't have a heart button, I just stitched one to hang off the halo.

Thirdly - I stitched the 1st part of the SAL.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Day 1 of 2016 Complete

And I feel lethargic that I accomplished nothing of physical nature. I did however receive the photos taken from last nights NYE party and sob over how much prettier my husband is than I. It was more the betrayal of the camera than anything. The mirror told me I looked good....the camera was much more harsh. 😔 We had fun but weight reduction/figure toning is definitely still on the "goal" table.

I spent the full day stitching the first 2 new starts of the year - the Snow Angel and Family Roots (both from the same SCC magazine). Both would qualify as a SMALLS ~ though I will just use family roots as my entry. I also printed of the SAL from Lisbei & rounded up most of the colours; the same goes for the last Reindeer Orni for my sister so I can send those off belated.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Here we GOOooooo!!! 2016

Welcome 2016! Hope everyone celebrated safely and is eager to have grand things happen. I certainly am looking forward to some changes in my own life. 

New Year, New Stitches, New Goals.

There is a roll over of 23 WIPs/UFO's that are tagging along into the new year. I have a selection of patterns I would like to start from last years purchases and with this year definitely being my lean year for purchases, it would be a good idea. Last year I declared it was going to be "Frugal '15"....of course that didn't work out so well when I found myself in a good spot financially. Then all the issues we had with our eldest happened & hubby didn't curb any of his spending despite barking at me to do so & we've fallen into the catch-up game. I didn't get any crafting materials gifted to me for Christmas so its a good thing I bought my own. It was a preorder I had done during the fall but didn't expect them to arrive until sometime mid/late January as they were coming from a distributor in France. Excitedly they showed up the week of Xmas.

I'm especially eager to start the Baby Faery; the house brownies flipping pancakes & the Cat...who reminds me of Dragon except with the colouring of Nicodemus from Secret of Nimh.

The first new starts of 2016 will be belated holiday gifts for a few of my customers. 1st up is SCC's: Snow Angel from the Autumn 2015 Collection Magazine. I started it this morning on gold sparkle Charles Craft & am almost finished. 

Although I have been snickering (down side to having teen boys w/ simple tracked minds) at the key code selection of the runner band as it repeats this 'boob' over an over 😉

I signed up to participate in a Valentine's Orni exchange; I've settled on a simple perfume set as I don't have any clues as to what the lady receiving is like or likes. I've also signed up to participate in another SAL w/ Lisbei ~ she just sent out the 1st email installment. As well as the monthly Smalls SAL over at Stitching Lotus.

And I've pulled out another 5 patterns to stitch straight off the bat. 4 of which are SCC & the one which is for my daughter is "Alice" by Brooke Nolan. 

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