Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Week of November 22 - 28, 2015


Whoop! Guy's "Fleece on Earth" has been completed. Its bigger a design then I had envisioned & will be more likely a table/wall thing rather then a tree decoration.

More work on the Horse Welcome & Ronnie's Rifle. I've gridded the stock to break up the monotony of the brown. Between these 2 pieces I'm working with 6 different browns.

My MIL is an enormous Christmas buff. Her house explodes with overwhelming regalia for the season. Every room has their own tree, of varying sizes. EVERY ROOM. This year hubby's room (because he lives with his folks while works & actually spends more time up there then down here....) has a Star Wars theme'd tree. Which is fitting since he's recently taken up model making of the fleet. He has this festiveness rubbed off on him so while he was home this stint he put up our Xmas lights. Now our place looks like a little gingerbread house again. I love this photo w/ the moon at (almost) full over head. <3


So as to not have Ronnie accidentally come in and see what I'm working on before its time to gift his piece to him, I have brought over another small ornament to pass the time on while at the office. I started Warren's little scotty dog this afternoon. He had this cute & hyper little poodle/something mix dog this summer. I *think* his name was Fred. Alas, he's young life was even more shortened when the daft pooch went after a tractor tire. This scotty dog looks a bit like the pup - so I'm aiming to bring good thoughts to Warren, who has become more sullen (If that was at all possible) since his companion passed.

I should have gone with a darker cloth. This is a smidge too light to have the Snow White show up as dramatically as it could have.

I've also put in some starter stitches for Mr.Battrick's violin.

At the nudging of hubby, I pulled out my Christmas Village today during lunch. There were 2 foot candy cane ornaments in the Bins that will go outside and complete the candy coated look of our house. My neighbour and I were joking about how we could use our extra lights to decorate random neighbours houses that have proclaimed laziness will over power their festive light display abilities. We would just be ninja sneaky in the night and BAM! Wake up to festive-mischief. 😜 I know we have extra white lights....they are the only other house on our street with decorations up right now. She's got a little girl so their front yard it all done up in Olaf & Elsa. ;)


Today I took a break from work & went a little farther south then the city to visit with some friends. I'd actually booked a massage w/ the wife of the couple we went to visit at her spa. It was the 1st time I've ever gone to a professional massage therapist. After getting over the slight awkwardness of having someone I know, who wasn't my husband, touching my flesh it was really helpful. She was able to get rid of some of the knots I knew I had & *painfully* discovered more that I did not know of until that moment. I brought a few smalls with me to keep my eyes off the road while hubs drove. The roads weren't as terrible as they could be for an Albertan winter, but was we got further south there was an increasing number of vehicles in the ditch as they were hit with the snow that we, thankfully, were not. 

I was able to finished off Warren's "Merry Christmas Scotty Dog" - Ladybug Designs.  I extended the snow by 2 rows so that I could have space to stitch in the year. The white shows up fine after all. I'm happy with the colours.

 I also finished off another one of Brooke Nolan's Animal Advent characters. These will be ornaments for my own little table top tree. Pearly Pig (#8)


I called the elementary schools this morning & reminded them that if they were wanting to get their Santa letters sent out this year, that they should do so soon. There are only 2 weeks left and I've yet to get a single one from the classes. In fact, I've only had 6 letters for Santa pass through my office this year. SIX! Perhaps parents are waiting until December 1st? I'm not sure - but last year I processed over 500 letters. Once they start though I know my stitching time will reduce dramatically while I help Santa process his return letters. ;) HoHoHo.

I've cut a few pieces of plain white aida so I can stitch a few quick stitches. For those people who grumble I didn't make them an ornament - they can have one of these one. *snicker*


  1. Lots of great stitching I guess I'd better work on my letter for Santa ;)

  2. Fleece on Earth is so funny! The house lights look lovely too. We are rather more subdued here in England. One house near us goes mad with lights and on the last day of term the couple dress up as Santa and Mrs Claus and hand out sweets to all the school children coming past. They live opposite a school so there are lots! They have a collecting box for their grandson's special school.

  3. Yes, I called the schools & reminded them there is a cut off date if they were wanting to have their classes write their letters & so I received 6 classes on Friday. Roughly 138 + a few individual ones. This elf will be busy helping Santa with his reply envelopes ;)


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