Monday, 9 November 2015

November 9, 2015: Weekend Works

So the Casino volunteering went well. We lucked out and had a local guy (who has since made it to the bigger stages) playing in the band pit. Craig Moritz ~ Country singer. It passed the time & everyone on the floor seemed much more animated while live music was playing. It was lulled when his set was on break though.

7 & 8 hr shifts behind the glass left for lots of stitching time, people watching and stir crazy legs unfortunately.

I finished off Allan's "NOEL"

Both Marissa & Zyla's "Reindeer". I will be using a bead for the eyes as french knots are my nemesis. No matter how many times I've practiced them, they still wind up looking like a toddler knotted their shoe.  

Started Zavier & Bowen's "Reindeer"

And got a good portion of "Remember" stitched. 

I'm finding that the poppy's are looking more pink then red though w// the 2 melded threads. There was no variegated floss at the new fabric store that opened up here. I was disappointed to see how few things were actually in there. The dmc bins were the same ones that were from the old fabric shop. There were very low in stock & when I asked Alice (because she is now employed there now too) if they would be getting in anything else in as far as aida or variegated colours and she said no. Boooo. I know Morning Star has started carrying xstitch kits.....which at first upset me that they have been telling me for the last couple years that they wouldn't be bringing it in because its not popular a craft (they are heavily stocked for scrapbook & card stamping and in the last few months have started to bring carry Wilton's cake supplies). Barb only just announced she would be doing cross stitch kits (which makes sense since she also does framing) after Buttons Up opened up next door. However, if Alice is correct that they won't be supplying their xstitch crafters with supplies ~ I suppose my initial prickliness was misplaced. *sigh* Her floss is $0.89/skein. Still cheaper, even with shipping costs, to order from 123 Stitch (@$0.44/skein). 

Saturday was a hectic day. Despite it being a late night shift (we were done & back to the hotel for 3:30am both nights), I still woke up at normal morning hours. So I left mid morning to drive south towards home. It takes 3.5 hrs to get from where the casino commitment is held to home. Hung out at the house for a bit  and then drove to the city (2 hrs south) w/ the daughter to the Tim Hicks concert.

WiCkEd performance! If you haven't seen him/heard his songs, I encourage you to do so.

His bass/vocals was such a pretty man. I'd love to have flowing hair like that. Took a bit but it finally dawned on me that he reminded me of Bladezz from "The Guild" 

Daughter was happy that they played "Stronger Beer" at the end for the encore as it's the one song she knew all the words to.

Jason Benoit was the perfect paring for an opener act. I have had his 3 singles in repetitive rotation all day long. 

..... though I could've done without hearing the pessimistic, woman bashing attitude of Cold Creek County's songs. 

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