Tuesday, 3 November 2015

November 3, 2015 Post Halloween Coma

The kids are finally coming out of their candy induced comas. We didn't have many kids this year. Only 20. The girls took note of what spooky creatures arrived at our house & despite there being a small number, most of the kids had original outfits.

2 x Princesses                                              1 x Hockey Player
1 x Police (S.W.A.T)                                   1 x Ninja
1 x Minion                                                   1 x Elsa
1 x Storm Trooper                                       2 x Hunters
1 x Scare Crow                                            1 x Hulk
2 x Witches                                                  1 x Merida
1 x Banana                                                   1 x Cowboy
1 x Spiderman                                              1 x Cap't America

and 1 x "Box with a Face"........which I will assume is supposed to represent a "Robot" but as the girls were handing out candy bags I didn't see it to verify. Haha :p

It wasn't just the kids who were feeling the strain either. My pets are all highly nervous creatures. The dogs we had to put to bed early as the influx of people on their normally silent front door made them loopy. Especially our female border collie who, typical of BC behaviour, lost her mind absolutely & needed to be medicated. The cats are similar. Dusty ~ my solo male~  fretted so much that by the end of the night when he finally was able to relax, he threw up on my Fuzzy Friends piece which I had set on the end table.

So I shall be starting that one over again. (> ~ <) The colour key in the corresponding magazine is unfortunately not included. It just gives colours but not the DMC #'s. It'll will be fairly easy to determine (712, 739, 327...etc) just will be more effort.

Almost finished Niece #1's reindeer & started Niece #2's.

Started Allan's Noel ornament. I will be bringing this one and probably Remember up with me as my sit-n-stitch pieces while manning the booth during our casino fundraiser. Lots of sitting time for chip runner lol. 

 "Remember" will be for my Uncle (Mcpl) Donny. I know I won't be done it before Remembrance Day - But feel it important to get as much of it done for him as I can.  


  1. Lots of great stitching! That sucks about fuzzy friends. Poor kitty

    1. Thank you. Hazard of having creatures (and children) mixed with my habit of just leaving pieces out sadly.


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