Friday, 13 November 2015

Friday November 13th, 2015....Ooohhh Spoooky

I've made slow progress on the nephew's reindeer. I have left them at home & have started an Ivy block for another customer that I stitch a bit of at the office. I need to find a few missing colours and then back stitching. Plus,  I've been busier at work (go figure, people actually wanting to mail stuff out!) I even had the first Letters For Santa arrive to send up to the North Pole. ;)

I spoke to my youngest sister the other day, she let me know the kids school photos had arrived and that I wasn't to feel poorly we weren't doing any big spending for Christmas this year ~ as I had apologized in my letter. She did ask that maybe I make a 1st Yule banner for Zavier as I had done for Zyla's 1st Samhain. I let her know about these reindeer ornaments & she seemed appeased. She let me know that our other sister was trying again w/ her husband for a baby & perhaps I could think of a baby piece to stitch for her. I didn't want to do something & then have it come back as a further issue (ie: infertility) so I told her I wasn't comfortable with that, but would tweak their reindeer to be more on the cheeky side. So using my PCStitch program, I modified the reindeer to be a little And definitely more along our sisters personality.  LOL Hopefully Kate Mawdsley won't be offended w/ my crafty tampering of her innocent design.

I have picked out a Santa ornament design to do for Floyd & a Snowman one to do for Carl. Both are from the Dec 2010 Cross Stitcher magazine. I've also started Chilly Penguin (recipient I know yet). He will probably be my 'take along' piece for Sunday as I'm at the craft booth. Last year was crazy slow and I only make 2 sales (which didn't even cover my table cost). 

 Tomorrow I go to the city and while I'm there I plan to find a fabric store so that I can get some interface fusing, felt & matrerial so I can get my ornaments all finished up. 


  1. Lol I love it! As someone who also suffers with infertility I completely agree with your decision. Maybe you could stitch their wedding photo? It could be a reminder to focus on themselves too not just trying to get pregnant which is stressful.

  2. Your reindeer are hilarious! I think it's a great gift, it's important to try keep a perspective on things.


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