Saturday, 31 October 2015

October 30, 2015 - Who needs an Ornament?

Every year I stitch a few different people ornaments. I haven't found any that just jump out me to do this year. Or at least, none that seem to fit specific people. So far my recipient list is:

* 1. My Aunt - I've picked out Lizzie Kate's "Cozy Christmas Wishes"

* 2 & 3. The Flirty Farmers - I think I will go a sheep theme for one 😉 but am not sure on the other. Perhaps a Santa.
* Ronnie - I have his bigger project that I will have done for him.

* 4-6, 7&8. My sisters & their families. I would like to find a snowman alphabet and just do up monogrammed men.

* 9 Janice & Darlene....Have started a Fizzy Moon Friends for these two ladies as a joint piece for their tree.

* 10. Allen. He always makes me wooden ornaments each year. I should reciprocate. 

*11. Mr. Battrick. He's had a long year. He might want to have a special gift. A violin! That would be perfect. I think I have one around in one of my magazines that has a wreath.   

Finished the "Weathered Barn #1" by Gary D. Hanner. I like how it turned out. It will look good in my parents place.

Just a little done on moon & spider cider. I think I shall stitch the crescent with glow in the dark floss. The pattern calls for Rainbow Galleries Treasure Braid....which isn't carried anywhere around here so I will need to improvise. 


  1. Well done on your finish :o)
    I haven't even started to think about Christmas yet... even with the Christmas stitching that I have been doing on and off all year!
    Hugs xx

    1. All 4 of our children are Dec born so we're always on "looking ahead" mode so they're not having to squish the bdays & xmas into one celebration.


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