Friday, 23 October 2015

October 23,2015 - Body Shaming Owl

Part of the allure of this piece was that she was a more robust girl. A real girl. So it goes to say that I being a bigger girl myself, I was mortified when my husband made a rude comment about why I would want to stitch something like this fat chick holding food. I'll admit that my reaction wasn't the most polite as I took it as a personal attack. If he couldn't be nice about a stitched lady of  non-twig framed body structure, how bleak exactly did he view my existence?  He back pedaled afterwards by saying what he meant was that I don't normally stitch the same piece more then once. That is usually true. I like to give the majority of my pieces away, so I want them to be individualized. However, this piece and the "wish you were here" one are different pieces. They are the same theme - the same designer - I even stitched them on the same blue aida to use up my scrap cloth....but they are not the same piece. Still. Body Shaming isn't okay.

I completed my Tequila & Salt last night as well. Buttons included. If I was to do it over again (which I won't) I would stitch it on a paler yellow or different colour altogether. This bright lemon yellow didn't show the yellow threads very well. I used the listed dmc alternative listings instead of the variegated threads they also showed option for. Mine turned out more blocked instead of more colourful. Just needs a wash, iron & frame. Until then it will sit in my "Finished Pieces Treasure Chest".

Today's working piece is Martha's St.Nick & Owl. I'm working on the white/318/762's of the owl. I came across this as a finished piece on Etsy, stitched on black aida, for an asking price of $300. Wow. It makes sense (time, materials, framing, mat it all adds up), but seeing it as a written sum still is head shaking. We had actually just been discussing this on FB this past week. How crafted items are always better as given & received then commissioned. If one was to charge $10/hr to have something stitched + material costs, the end result would be something no one would want to pay. No matter how personalized or amazing the crafter/crafted was.

This is where I was when I started today, what I did at work & where I finally left it to go to bed.

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