Sunday, 9 August 2015

August 9, 2015 - Edgar Allen Poe Ya'll

🎶 Flow like Poe: MC Lars 🎶

This will be my next start up. To be stitched on Barnwood Aida & I am swapping out the white for glow in the dark white floss.

Normally I don't include life connected photos, but someone pointed out it that by not doing so, makes these postings impersonal and boxy without heart. So I've added a few accentuating snapshots.  

It's been 2 weeks since the posting. I'll take it to mean I've actually been participating in this thing called summer. 😉 weekends have been busy. This weekend we went to the movies: FYI "Vacation" is not a children's movie. It may have children shown in the trailers & may depict a family trip gone poorly, but it's all curse words and sexuality. I took our  15 yr old girls and they were disgusted and their consensus was "that was beyond so wrong" & "there isn't enough soap to wash that out of my eyes". I pity (& was angered by) the parents who took their young kids in, ignored the 14A rating and now have to explain to their 8 & under children what a Rim job is & how yes....that is what a mans penis looks like.   We only went because Paper Towns wasn't showing anymore & the girls didn't want to see Fantastic 4 with the guys. The boys at least had a better time with their dad.

Saturday we attended a Show n Shine hosted by J&J PitStop. I entered my bike Sprout. Hubs & I Watched the draft horse pull, took in the parade & later fireworks with the kidlets @ the Rochester Fair.
Work is bland during the week. 
Last weekend I went for a nice long ride on Sprout on Sunday
And attended Lac La Biche's Pow Wow Days on Saturday.
And spent holiday Monday in the city driving aimlessly around looking for apartments with/for the eldest boy. Who still struggles with finding his place in life. 💔 I feel sadness for him. 

The weekend before that we were camping. No stitching was done that weekend despite picking out some smalls. 

Today's truck ride down & back to the city for the movies did give me time to have more stitched on the Hobbit Menu. I added the 2 breakfasts and all the side decorative stitches. There are still 2 suppersto go. Hubs wants to take a photo once it's framed & in the kitchen to bring to work and post in their lunch room.  

I received a reminder email today letting me know the date I am eligible to donate again (Based on what I donated a couple weeks ago) & congratulating me on reaching my 13th donation. 
This falls just after my birthday and our annual paint ball game. Anyone want to make an afternoon of it with me? 😉 Only 4 mins to fill a bag & 15 to get my veins to stop giving. Lol. 


It's a shoddy picture but it's of the Apple orchards pinup girl. She will be stitched on this Chocolate milk Aida and yes, more beads.

These 2 Stoney Creek collection pieces will be both stitched on Confederate Grey. 

Another Frosted Pumpkin to add to my collection. I decided I won't do the pdf versions anymore from them as I always forget to print off copies before their download codes expire so then I wind up paying for something I don't have. I have 8 such projects. Ones I can't finish unless I repurchase them. 

A super cool find! Glow in the dark Aida! Just looks like normal white, but after having direct light on it for a bit it gives off a good glow.

Along with these 2 "get ready for chilled times". The blurry photo is called Winter Circle and features snowmen. When it comes time to stitch it I will post a clearer image.

Other fun things: my financing went through and I was approved. I let the seller know, Heritage HD cut her the chq and I am now the proud owner of a solely acquired credit building loan 👍🏻....oh ya, and a new-to-me XL883L 2011 HD.

Sprout has a new driveway buddy.

Took it for a test drive last night....there's a bunch of things that need to be fixed/changed before I can safely ride it. The previous owner had at least 5inches on me so all the controls, windshield & seat are set for a tall woman. Until then I shall continue to ride Sprout ❤️. (A 2011 Suzuki S40) it's just the angle of this image, they're not the same size bikes. The HD has a much larger & longer tank. It's windshield is also 4 inches taller. The tank size is the reason behind getting it in the 1st place. I love riding Spriut, but with a 4.5 gallon tank I don't get very far & trips need to have fuel stations considered. The HD (previously named Fire n Ice....yet to be renamed by myself) hold twice that Amt & will get 250/km approx. Sprout gives me 173km....but I usually fill up every hundred clicks.

Additional items I'll need will be new grips (I'll get the same as I just put on Sprout) & will either use the saddle bags I just bought (pictured) or get another new set so both bikes have a set. I will need a new seat as well. This ones too far back. I have an idea of what I would like, just not the cash flow atm. Next riding season perhaps. 
I've already put on the bicycle bell I do with all my bikes & the seller gifted me a demon bell so that's already hanging on the crash bars to rattle free any demons from the engine. 

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