Wednesday, 12 August 2015

August 11, 2015: Scatter Brained

Today was audit & performance review day @ work. Oi! (>~<) I don't know how well I'll do but I at least vented a bit and hopefully the message coming from a different person will have push as my words get lost on my boss. *sigh* now to just get customers to do the survey to give me points of positivity. All they have on file are complaints (from as far back as when I first took over the office 4 yrs ago). *I* know my customers are happy -mostly- but corporate doesn't & they're the ones keeping points and scores. 

So while my mind flitted about with all that & the frustration corporate scheduled an IT tech to come during my lunch hour (so I had to sit and wait for this guy to show up) only to have him not show in the end after all. Not even a call! 
Positive work bit: they FINALLY!!!! Approved my new hire. Only 3 weeks later then I actually needed her to be approved *scowl* I was suppose to start her training on the 21st of July. We've already cancelled our BC trip. Thanks Corporate.

Stitching was just as non committal as I bounced around these 4 projects.

More lattice work on the Hobbit Menu:

Started doing the blue blocking of House Rules:

Also using 828, the beginning clouds of Harvest Helper (finished off his pants too):

Started Spooky Tree & decided this will come with me this weekend to be my camping stitching.
The glow in the dark thread is thicker than the dmc & doesn't have a smooth flow through the hole so I think I will wait til I have all the other parts done first. Then finish off with all that for the white. 

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