July 10, 2015 - Sweet Pea Baby

There seems to be an influx of babies this year. I began this little guy on Wednesday (top photo). Its called Sweet Pea & is from the House Mouse book I ordered from Amazon a little bit ago. The bottom photo represents what I managed to do today. I didn't put any work into it on Thursday as it was short day at work & then I took my motorcycle out for a boot to meet some new friends. 

I joined a FB group for Alberta Bikers. There was a call out last week for women riders. I met up with one gal last Saturday & yesterday we met up again & had a 3rd lady join up with us for icecaps at the new Timmie's Fort Sask. Hopefully soon we`ll be able to go for a destination ride. Hubby made his bed down locale today in Radium. Tomorrow will be a longer ride for them as they plan to get all the way back down to Lethbridge via Cranbrook. He says the smoke from the AB/BC forest fires is brutal to ride through visually. Especially with cagers not respecting the riders. I think it should be mandatory that all drivers be required to get a Class 6 so that they too can smarten up and keep their eyes off their devices & on the road where they should be! There have been 6 deaths due to trucks hitting motorcyclists in Edmonton alone this season. That's 6 too many EDMONTON! *rant over*

Monday, sadly, I took a spill. It was in slow motion as I hadn't even kicked up into 2nd. A customer did a U-Turn in the parking lot that connects to my alley way instead of pulling out in reverse to the left. I stopped sharp on some gravel. Twisted the windshield slightly, bent my foot peg & broke off the nob at the end of my clutch. Thankfully my paint job went unscathed. Legs got some bruising as I tried to grip & guide to reduce damage. 

In an non-related issue: The paint bubbling on the side of my tank has worsened. Some has peeled off along the seam. :( I've asked them to let me know how long they estimate it will take for them to repair it but they've not yet gotten back to me (I assume its because its a weekend). I'd like it mended before it peels any further though. That would be disastrous!!!!
AND the fancy mirrors I bought - have such a rattle to them I can't see when I'm going over 70. Hubby tightened the small placement screw but did so with such gusto that it fell into the mirror casing itself & while I was riding last night, the mirror came unconnected. Crazy Glue didn't work and duct tape only held it out of the way from my hands but not in the spot I needed it to be to be able to see in it. Today I tried using a hot glue gun but didn't get to try it out so see how it holds. ~ Tomorrow perhaps. ~

Back to Baby Talk:

So this year I need to finish making Sammy's baby gift (Owl Sampler). Her due date has been bumped from the end of Sept....to the 1st of Sept. 

This little mouse will most likely be for Kelly & Justin. I don't know them well but they are nice people. I'm fairly certain she's not afraid of mice (the live variety).


My Etsy order of this adorable Toothless arrived today! Its much smaller then I anticipated. Just to the 1st knuckle of my thumb. Lots of detail though for such a small crafting canvas. Originally I was looking at the one being offered that had him holding a bright blue star (or even the one with the bright blue fish) but the asking price put me off as he is a design made with polymer clay. Having worked with the stuff myself I knew that improperly baked they fall apart. So I ordered this far less expensive choice to see. I'm happy with what I received. Go Night Fury!! (* u *)


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