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July 22, 2015 - Smalls Completions

Brooke's Books - Animal Advent #4

This is the completed Briar Rose in purple for Lionel's grand baby. I love how vibrant the Rose turned out.
I've Sweet Pea completed as well. 
Effective week so far. Making my way through the 'smalls' on my list. 

July 10, 2015 - Sweet Pea Baby

There seems to be an influx of babies this year. I began this little guy on Wednesday (top photo). Its called Sweet Pea & is from the House Mouse book I ordered from Amazon a little bit ago. The bottom photo represents what I managed to do today. I didn't put any work into it on Thursday as it was short day at work & then I took my motorcycle out for a boot to meet some new friends. 
I joined a FB group for Alberta Bikers. There was a call out last week for women riders. I met up with one gal last Saturday & yesterday we met up again & had a 3rd lady join up with us for icecaps at the new Timmie's Fort Sask. Hopefully soon we`ll be able to go for a destination ride. Hubby made his bed down locale today in Radium. Tomorrow will be a longer ride for them as they plan to get all the way back down to Lethbridge via Cranbrook. He says the smoke from the AB/BC forest fires is brutal to ride through visually. Especially with cagers not respecting the riders. I think …

July 6, 2015 - Family Tree

Family Tree design by Mariya Chaplygina Bought off Etsy.
Our craft & fabric shop closed down so I didn't have all the called for colours (odd since my floss drawers over flow but true none the less) so I've tweaked some of them to Match as closely as possible as those listed in the pattern.
There are exactly enough circles for my Sister in law's children's names. She asked for something similar when she seen the one I did the other year for my mother in law. As she has misplaced all the baby samplers I've done for her *tears*😭 I'm REALLY hoping this one doesn't find its way to the trash heap. It'll wind up being a Xmas gift as I'll have to wait that long to add the final name. Baby #7 is due November sometime.

July 2, 2015 - The race is on

Went to the city today after work and picked up some more frames. I washed and flatted the piece for Russ & Reneè & have it all framed and ready to give tomorrow.
I think it turned out pretty good.

Next up is what's been keeping me awake all night. That, the melting heat of the house and the ice cap I had earlier on in the evening. 😁 It's now 2:30 am. I still have to work tomorrow too. Ugh.
Hubby is driving some coworkers to the city after his night shift tonight as their truck crapped out on them. It's a 5 he drive down. The purple briar announcement is for one of these men's grand baby (Leader Lionel) So i was trying to get it done so it'd be ready to go tomorrow should they pass through (which realistically they will only do if this is done, otherwise they will carry on to the city & it'll be given to Lionel at a later date).
Since I struggle to make thread into needle eye cooperate....I'm calling it.  Night All.