Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June 30, 2015

Cranberry Wreath from the Cross Stitch & Country Nov/Dec 1990 Magazine

This is the year end gift for the delightful Mrs. Bown. As I mentioned before, she had jokingly remarked about wanting a name plate done for her upon seeing the one I finished for Vanessa. While I had the piece completed before the kids were done school last week, I hadn't done a finishing technique. I found this hoop while sorting through my "found & dumped here" bin that I have in the living room. (This is where my husband puts my crafts he finds laying around when he's home & on a super cleaning spree.)
Even the back turned out pretty clean. Not perfect, but not embarrassingly strung about with wayward threads. 


I recently stumbled upon the Cross Stitchers Guild on FB. There is an understandably irate post right now in regards to the continued and increasingly disturbing practice of pattern theft. Designers work really hard to get their patterns perfect enough to catch our interest, to not only put code to graph but to actually get models stitched, packages done up & then to have their hard work stolen from out under them by selfish persons. Pintrest & Etsy are notoriously wretched places you can see this going on. It sickens me to type in ideas & to have the page upload with patterns copied straight from the books & magazines. Ones I *KNOW* are not freebies as they came directly from magazines I only just purchased myself. Or projects I've stitched myself as gifts before.

Anyways with all that negativity going on there is a bright side. There are thousands of stitchers & designers alike who are supportive and legitimate. Who enjoy cross stitch as a craft and continue to dote on making patterns/stitching patterns. This is where the supportive hashtag of Real Stitchers Don't Steal comes from.  The notions are fairly simple. When posting a WIP, make sure to include along side the pattern its being stitched from so that there is visual proof. Other suggestions are to add the order # watermarked onto the photo as further proof. And of course, most importantly, props to the designer whose hard work if featured.

That being said: Here is Thank Heaven (SHD) For Little Girls that I am stitching for Russ & Renee. I still have to do a few more squares on the hat & complete the rest of the back stitching.  As you will see in my next photo, I have done some tweaking of the pattern to make it more personable as they have 2 girls.
SHD Thank Heavens For Little Girls

And here is my #RealStitchersDontSteal tagging.

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