Thursday, 25 June 2015

June 25, 2015

It's not Wednesday I can't make the amusing pun of it being "Wicked Witch Wednesday"....but regardless - today's Start & almost finish is SHD's 'Black Hat Society'.

It was a short day at work today, and slow with only 1 bin of first class mail to put out. So after all the flyers were distributed I got to venture out to my bench out front & begin on this quick stitch. Really quick it turns out! I took this piece as my 'sit-about-stitching-whilst-boy child #2-writes-his-social-exam' mini project. I'm missing 3 colours for the hat ribbon band (as in didn't think to pack them) so now that all the grey & black is finished & there's still time left before he's done his test I'm left with enough time to make this posting.

Lionel's grand daughters piece (the purple version of Briar Rose) is nearly completed. 

Ruth's Tranquility still needs beads. I found a baggy of some & was hopeful but they turned out to be for another future project not this one. The search continues.

Today's goal (once I'm home again) is to sort all the projects I've got spreading out everywhere again, into ziplock baggies again. Floss has a tendency of escaping their pre-set placements via help from the cats. Not because they like string but because they LOVE to wrestle with bags. Cloth totes, plastic grocery... You name it my furry friends love to toss them around, climb inside to hide and frequently become ensnared and boot about bags circling their fattened midsections. I'm mainly blaming Dusty.

*End of Day: finished off the HAT compete with the candy corn button that came with the pattern. I was in the city today and picked up some owl buttons so when I do this piece again (because I have some witchy friends who would love to have a copy for themselves) I can add the owl instead. The candy corn button looked cheaply made & kind of unsightly.

Back even looked good. 😊

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