Tuesday, 16 June 2015

June 16, 2015

In the nice afternoon weather I sat outside and worked on these dancing fools. 

As I turn in tonight, I am almost finished but have to resign my stitching for now as my eyes are getting tired. There was an on set of a storm this afternoon. A false promise of rain as all it did was kick up dust. The change in pressure though gave me a migraine and I've been working (stitching) through it. 

Dropped my baby gift off today during lunch. Took it to the hair salon her aunt owns because other then meeting her that one time I don't actually know her.  Fluked out that she was there getting her hair did. I walked in, seen her aunt and asked if I could leave it there for her. He aunt replied with she's here in my chair. So that worked out well. I hope she liked it. (She didn't open it while I was there what with her head up in foils and all.) 

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