Friday, 12 June 2015

June 12, 2015


Frosted Pumpkin's Cherry Blossom Festival to be stitched on "Barn Door" fabric

Frosted Pumpkin's Fibery Friends to be stitched on "Thistle" fabric.

Frosted Pumpkin's tea time. I have some "Jazz" or "Confetti" fabric to stitch it on already in my stash.

Pattern @ funky "Monet" fabric to stitch it on.
Plus a few other random patterns in the 'sale & discontinue' virtual bin. 

My goal of having a frugal year has made its way out the door. Not only have the Michaels stores in the city been slow to restock their cross stitch selections, the seem to be carrying less and less as the limit this "unpopular" crafting style. Last trip I picked up a couple stitch able diaper bottoms for $3 each. I'm sure to find someone to stitch them up for since so many are having babies this year.

Another sadness is our local fabric shop is closing their doors. The owner is moving to the Okanagan. I went in for some dmc 2 days ago and she let m know to stock up now - she'll be locking up completely next week. I went back in and asked if she would be willing to sell me her dmc drawers, but she said someone else already claimed them & all the left over floss that's not sold. 😓 oh. 

This weeks stitching works have been on the Grand Prix; a Briar Rose baby announcement for a customer & dancing storm troopers for my husband. 

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