Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Grand Prix #2

In the April Cross Stitchers Magazine, there is this alternative pattern for the Grand Prix. How can I pass this up and not do it for my neighbour to acoompany the previous one I stitched for her a bit ago? Especially with her birthday coming up this weekend.


I started it tonight while waiting for the next load of laundry to finish in the dryer. Just getting the top bit of sand filled in.

There is a fair bit of blue sky so I've opted to stitch this on the same baby blue material I did the first one on. This will be my "take to work piece" for the rest of the work. Fingers crossed we get sun shine so I can sit outside.

I will also be starting the Black Bear "Relief" I got in the mail a few mths back. While I am fully aware it will not be complete in time for Fathers Day - I just got to listen to a 50 min rehashing of the bear safety course my husband took at work today. He found it enthralling, partly because bears are his totem animal. So I suppose I really aught to bite the bullet and get started on this one.....no matter how many pages it is. 😔

I've completed Colleen's monogrammed letter & just need to craft it into its final design. I'm going with a small coin case/glasses holder. 

I've also put more stitches into Gislaine's House Rules piece. 

I've reached the beading stage with Ruth's Tranquility, so can't do any more until I locate where I put the beads for this one.

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