Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June 30, 2015

Cranberry Wreath from the Cross Stitch & Country Nov/Dec 1990 Magazine

This is the year end gift for the delightful Mrs. Bown. As I mentioned before, she had jokingly remarked about wanting a name plate done for her upon seeing the one I finished for Vanessa. While I had the piece completed before the kids were done school last week, I hadn't done a finishing technique. I found this hoop while sorting through my "found & dumped here" bin that I have in the living room. (This is where my husband puts my crafts he finds laying around when he's home & on a super cleaning spree.)
Even the back turned out pretty clean. Not perfect, but not embarrassingly strung about with wayward threads. 


I recently stumbled upon the Cross Stitchers Guild on FB. There is an understandably irate post right now in regards to the continued and increasingly disturbing practice of pattern theft. Designers work really hard to get their patterns perfect enough to catch our interest, to not only put code to graph but to actually get models stitched, packages done up & then to have their hard work stolen from out under them by selfish persons. Pintrest & Etsy are notoriously wretched places you can see this going on. It sickens me to type in ideas & to have the page upload with patterns copied straight from the books & magazines. Ones I *KNOW* are not freebies as they came directly from magazines I only just purchased myself. Or projects I've stitched myself as gifts before.

Anyways with all that negativity going on there is a bright side. There are thousands of stitchers & designers alike who are supportive and legitimate. Who enjoy cross stitch as a craft and continue to dote on making patterns/stitching patterns. This is where the supportive hashtag of Real Stitchers Don't Steal comes from.  The notions are fairly simple. When posting a WIP, make sure to include along side the pattern its being stitched from so that there is visual proof. Other suggestions are to add the order # watermarked onto the photo as further proof. And of course, most importantly, props to the designer whose hard work if featured.

That being said: Here is Thank Heaven (SHD) For Little Girls that I am stitching for Russ & Renee. I still have to do a few more squares on the hat & complete the rest of the back stitching.  As you will see in my next photo, I have done some tweaking of the pattern to make it more personable as they have 2 girls.
SHD Thank Heavens For Little Girls

And here is my #RealStitchersDontSteal tagging.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

June 25, 2015

It's not Wednesday I can't make the amusing pun of it being "Wicked Witch Wednesday"....but regardless - today's Start & almost finish is SHD's 'Black Hat Society'.

It was a short day at work today, and slow with only 1 bin of first class mail to put out. So after all the flyers were distributed I got to venture out to my bench out front & begin on this quick stitch. Really quick it turns out! I took this piece as my 'sit-about-stitching-whilst-boy child #2-writes-his-social-exam' mini project. I'm missing 3 colours for the hat ribbon band (as in didn't think to pack them) so now that all the grey & black is finished & there's still time left before he's done his test I'm left with enough time to make this posting.

Lionel's grand daughters piece (the purple version of Briar Rose) is nearly completed. 

Ruth's Tranquility still needs beads. I found a baggy of some & was hopeful but they turned out to be for another future project not this one. The search continues.

Today's goal (once I'm home again) is to sort all the projects I've got spreading out everywhere again, into ziplock baggies again. Floss has a tendency of escaping their pre-set placements via help from the cats. Not because they like string but because they LOVE to wrestle with bags. Cloth totes, plastic grocery... You name it my furry friends love to toss them around, climb inside to hide and frequently become ensnared and boot about bags circling their fattened midsections. I'm mainly blaming Dusty.

*End of Day: finished off the HAT compete with the candy corn button that came with the pattern. I was in the city today and picked up some owl buttons so when I do this piece again (because I have some witchy friends who would love to have a copy for themselves) I can add the owl instead. The candy corn button looked cheaply made & kind of unsightly.

Back even looked good. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hope you're a Trooper this Fathers Day

Got the Dancing stir troopers finished & framed ..... And HUNG on the wall (the wall that showcases the kids sports & more importantly, dance, photos).

I think it looks pretty good.

June 19, 2015

It's a good thing that our bus driver just lives down the road from us. I'm not overly confident that I will have her gift completed by Thursday. The beads have gone awol. Even with re organizing my craft bins, things still seem to go amiss more often then I'd like. *le sigh* there is still a cloud  to add and some back stitching to work on in the mean time. 

Also, I've been working on the Father's Day piece for my dad. To go along with the country look of the Shire house theme. Just a bit more wheat 1/2 stitches to go, finish off the tree and add another blue cloud shadow just above and left of the tree top.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

June 16, 2015

In the nice afternoon weather I sat outside and worked on these dancing fools. 

As I turn in tonight, I am almost finished but have to resign my stitching for now as my eyes are getting tired. There was an on set of a storm this afternoon. A false promise of rain as all it did was kick up dust. The change in pressure though gave me a migraine and I've been working (stitching) through it. 

Dropped my baby gift off today during lunch. Took it to the hair salon her aunt owns because other then meeting her that one time I don't actually know her.  Fluked out that she was there getting her hair did. I walked in, seen her aunt and asked if I could leave it there for her. He aunt replied with she's here in my chair. So that worked out well. I hope she liked it. (She didn't open it while I was there what with her head up in foils and all.) 

Monday, 15 June 2015

Babies and Dance moves

A couple weeks ago, I had a customer go into labour in my office when she came in to pick up her parcel. As she was early (35 wks) & this was a high risk pregnancy for her, I closed up my office a little bit early and with EMT dispatch on hands free, drove her at crazy speeds towards the city 1.5 hrs away. The ambulance was sent out and met us at the 1/2 way location. Safely in their care, I continued on to the city with her car to hand it over to her parents (who were already waiting at the hospital). Her mom was kind enough to drive me back home.

I've stitched this Briar Rose announcement on 14 ct Confetti Aida for her & shall drop it off at her aunts store tomorrow for her.

Using the same pattern, but changing up the colours - I've got another one on the go for one of my husband's leaders @ work. (Lionel was once one of my customer) this will be for his grand baby.

I've got one of three StormTrooper dance moves competed. I'm hoping to get it finished before the week is up so I can get it framed and give it to the hubby for Father's Day.

Friday, 12 June 2015

June 12, 2015


Frosted Pumpkin's Cherry Blossom Festival to be stitched on "Barn Door" fabric

Frosted Pumpkin's Fibery Friends to be stitched on "Thistle" fabric.

Frosted Pumpkin's tea time. I have some "Jazz" or "Confetti" fabric to stitch it on already in my stash.

Pattern @ funky "Monet" fabric to stitch it on.
Plus a few other random patterns in the 'sale & discontinue' virtual bin. 

My goal of having a frugal year has made its way out the door. Not only have the Michaels stores in the city been slow to restock their cross stitch selections, the seem to be carrying less and less as the limit this "unpopular" crafting style. Last trip I picked up a couple stitch able diaper bottoms for $3 each. I'm sure to find someone to stitch them up for since so many are having babies this year.

Another sadness is our local fabric shop is closing their doors. The owner is moving to the Okanagan. I went in for some dmc 2 days ago and she let m know to stock up now - she'll be locking up completely next week. I went back in and asked if she would be willing to sell me her dmc drawers, but she said someone else already claimed them & all the left over floss that's not sold. ๐Ÿ˜“ oh. 

This weeks stitching works have been on the Grand Prix; a Briar Rose baby announcement for a customer & dancing storm troopers for my husband. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Babies and wedding stitch blunders

Ah crap. We had our family reunion this weekend (kids & I just went for the day not the full camp out). 2 of my cousins are pregnant. Makes sense that they'd be equally as far apart in their pregnancies as they were for having their weddings. 

Aimee, the first to marry, is due in October. Alysha is due in January.

I've yet to finish Alysha & Jason's wedding sampler. ๐Ÿ˜ I've just lots all interest in it. I suppose I really should get my arse in gear now if I'm going to get it to them BEFORE baby arrives. 

Lots of trees & bankment on the left as well as a couple trees on the right & all the water is still left to get done. Ugh. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Grand Prix #2

In the April Cross Stitchers Magazine, there is this alternative pattern for the Grand Prix. How can I pass this up and not do it for my neighbour to acoompany the previous one I stitched for her a bit ago? Especially with her birthday coming up this weekend.


I started it tonight while waiting for the next load of laundry to finish in the dryer. Just getting the top bit of sand filled in.

There is a fair bit of blue sky so I've opted to stitch this on the same baby blue material I did the first one on. This will be my "take to work piece" for the rest of the work. Fingers crossed we get sun shine so I can sit outside.

I will also be starting the Black Bear "Relief" I got in the mail a few mths back. While I am fully aware it will not be complete in time for Fathers Day - I just got to listen to a 50 min rehashing of the bear safety course my husband took at work today. He found it enthralling, partly because bears are his totem animal. So I suppose I really aught to bite the bullet and get started on this one.....no matter how many pages it is. ๐Ÿ˜”

I've completed Colleen's monogrammed letter & just need to craft it into its final design. I'm going with a small coin case/glasses holder. 

I've also put more stitches into Gislaine's House Rules piece. 

I've reached the beading stage with Ruth's Tranquility, so can't do any more until I locate where I put the beads for this one.

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