Tuesday, 26 May 2015

What's in a name?

From the WoXS issue 228 - Spring is Sprung lettering. Stitched for one on our local hair stylists new salon. I painted a wooden plaque Aqua, glued the cross stitch into place and stuffed it with padding to give it a pillowed effect. Then hid the seams behind dome black ribbon.

The letter 'A' was a trickster. The circles are all following the pattern 7,3,2 except the left side of the A circle which goes 7,2,3....but 7,3,2 on the right side. Threw off the vine/leaf a bit.

I continue to work on Tranquilty during slow hours at work. Getting closer to completion of the thread works. 

My Cousin requested a piece for her home....I think with her....highly energetic? Children, that my House Rules project will wind up going to her instead 😆. I've got all the wording done & have started the side accent designs.

Cross Stitch Crazy  - Issue 174 (March 2013)

I've also been working on a year end gift for a teacher helper who jokingly requested I make a name plate for herself. I think I'll make this into a small phone case. I started it on white Aida but it seems too bland, so I've begun again on a green print Aida. It's actually the scrap piece of the cloth I used to stitch the tribal panda. 

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