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What's in a name?

From the WoXS issue 228 - Spring is Sprung lettering. Stitched for one on our local hair stylists new salon. I painted a wooden plaque Aqua, glued the cross stitch into place and stuffed it with padding to give it a pillowed effect. Then hid the seams behind dome black ribbon.
The letter 'A' was a trickster. The circles are all following the pattern 7,3,2 except the left side of the A circle which goes 7,2,3....but 7,3,2 on the right side. Threw off the vine/leaf a bit.

I continue to work on Tranquilty during slow hours at work. Getting closer to completion of the thread works. 

My Cousin requested a piece for her home....I think with her....highly energetic? Children, that my House Rules project will wind up going to her instead πŸ˜†. I've got all the wording done & have started the side accent designs.
Cross Stitch Crazy  - Issue 174 (March 2013)
I've also been working on a year end gift for a teacher helper who jokingly requested I make a name plate for herself. I thin…

Jazz Dancer

Our night is complete. We went on & performed without dropping any canes, tumbling into each other or being too far out of our lines. THUMBS UP! 
I finished off Jens piece, located a frame for the larger-then-intended stitching and had the ladies all sign it tonight before giving it to her. 
This is what it looked like before the signatures .....

And this is the final gifted product. My heart is holding it up for this photo op before going on to do their set. They still have 2 more performances. So if you're looking to fill a couple hours Saturday evening and Sunday are still available to see "Along the Yellow Brick Road". We adults will not be. However, we are excited about next years line up for full classes of tap & jazz (ballets there too, but I'm not into that. Perhaps the stretch and strengthens class though...)

Year End

The end of school is quickly approaching. As the children have aged, I don't have to make so many year end gifts for teachers and their classroom helpers. Part of me misses that connection, but as all 4 are in high school they don't really have favorite teachers to gift items too (and to not have it seem weird). I have 2 items I'm working on though. One is for my dance instructor. She's my daughters as well, but this is the first year that she had put on an adult class. We only have to perform in one of the 3 performances this coming weekend but it was still a fun time and she will probably put on another class next year. *fingers crossed she brings back the tap class as well*
I couldn't find a pattern that met the needs I was looking for so last night I used an image I found online to eyeball a design and used my PCStitch program to craft it up. A silhouette of a jazz dancer with a bola hat and cane. I"m stitching it on sparkly aida. Our song is Michael Buble…

Thus Begins: Frugal '15

This past year was emotionally draining on me, my children and our family as a whole. The last few years have steadily been deteriorating as the older children try to find their way in life, deal with bullying and come to terms that parents are not the bad guys. After going through some legal troubles  & mental health issues, we have made it through 2014 bruised, battered, scarred but all accounted for. So while it may not look like much to the outside world - it is plenty important to me.

I've gone through a bunch of WIP's, selected a few pieces on the top of the bin & have begun adding stitches to them. It was a very slow few days at work w/ everyone still in sloth mode and not coming in.

As per the frugal declaration - I want to use up as much of my on hand supplies before getting any more. I have plenty patterns in my books and magazines that have been earmarked for eventual doing, so it would be nice to actually get them done.
 I've aslo decided on a few 2015 …

Day 20 - Chicken x3

Chicken Trio A few years ago (2013) I had gifted some chickens to a friend of mine. She is a big collector of chicken figurines & trinkets. She was very excited. However it turns out that she's allergic to them. Who knew? Well turns out SHE did as she later admitted how she knew she was reactive to other birds but didn't think that they would effect her. So I started to stitch this trio for her. I miscounted a stitch on "middle chicken" and when I finally found it, was disappointed because it would mean frogging the whole 100+ stitches I just accomplished. So I set it aside until I had patience to alter the bird slightly to work (and like all works I themingly set side, it became another sad item in my ever growing pile).  Well No More will these feathered friends be left in the coop. I have all the colours needed & I started on "right side chicken" today. I have her almost complete. With any luck she will be finished tomorrow and I can work on &qu…

Aargh! auto save

My nice long & quirky post deleted when I tried uploading photos. πŸ˜“ 
Point notes: spring went into hiding it's all this snow today. Glad I didn't plant my garden here at skunk may be among the flowers but I am not there just yet.  Mounted him to a wooden plaque I picked up at Michaels craft store.
So adorable!

Finished my brothers mermaid. Worked well on the confetti aida. Had male customers agree that's why they fish...and a few wondered if I'd stitch them one as well.

Working away on the blueberry-Apple crumble. Still need to do the block of white in the banner above the recipe and the pale blue shadowing at the bottom around the dishes and apples.