Saturday, 25 April 2015


Floyd's birthday is coming up in a few days here. I made this quick bookmark for him. It's a freebie pearler pattern I've switched over to cross stitch, adding a riding quote.

I'm eager to get my bike back. She's been away for 2 weeks now to get a new paint job. I've asked for a Hayao Miyazaki style forest theme. Sent in a few design image ideas and let the artist know he could look up "princess Mononoke" (or more generically Studio Ghibli) for extra visual helpers. On the sides of my tank I've asked for her nickname Sprout be scripted in silver paint.

This is Sprout as a stock 2011 S40 Suzuki. I've got a special hope that (while I didn't ask for it) my bell will be painted up as a soot sprite. The forest theme is to be on the tank and then I just asked for corresponding blues & greens to be on the rest of the tins. 

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