Thursday, 12 March 2015

Frustrations Abound

A few weeks ago I was able to find a frame that would suit my Monaco Grand Prix piece. However, the piece has now gone into hiding. I *know where* it was....just not where it is now. We've searched the house, especially the upstairs which is where it was. Hubby even pulled out all the carpet! 

Okay, a the carpet removal was for my heighten allergic reactions of late, but still, in order to pull all said carpet out I had to clean up & pack up a whole lots of corner hiding (closet) items. So I've gone through everything at length while sorting & purging items no longer needed. It wasn't among any of that. 

So now the dilemma is "do I restitch and risk finding the 1st one upon completion?" Or do I wait and see if one day in the not predicable future it remerges? 

I picked up a treasure chest shaped box from Michaels to put all my finished works into since they too are scattered into various places. All the come across ufos have been put into the drawers, which has now begun to fill a 2nd drawer( these are shallow draers, but the # of ufos is staggering). 

Discovered my Jane Austin silouette. 34 rows of 25 stitches to block out in black. Followed by back stitching a faux frame and it will be done. 

Fun on the Mail:

2 craft books. One is just stitching; the other has sewing,hodge podge & crochet. 1 common theme.

Added a few toys to the THFLG's piece. Still haven't heard any news on when baby girl Damon #2 arrived or her name. 
Put a few more interest tabs into my magazines. I pulled 2 shelves of magazines down to sort through them incase I may have put my Monaco between the pages. I didn't. It wasn't there. *le sigh*

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