Library Books

My husband always laughs at me when i go to the library. Not because he thinks going is humorous but that when I tell him "oh I've just got to swing in and drop off this one book" I always walk back out with 3 new ones. The actual number varies though seems to be an odd number rather then even. Our town library is small yet adequate. We are on a interlibrary check out network where the majority of books are requested and sent from various other small libraries in the system. TRACPac (The Regional Automated Consortium)The notice on the counter top yesterday exclaimed that in the month of January, 597 books were requested and held for patrons. It's still hard to get certain titles though that are either new releases or just not popular reads and therefore not in their system. In collaboration with my GoodReads acct it is challenging to NOT have books on the go or in my ever expanding "to-read" bookshelf. I currently have 9 books signed out. 

The Third Son
Three souls
The girl who chased the moon
The wild sheep chase
Glass kitchen
Lost lake
The peach keeper

My GoodReads personal book challenge is set at 85 this year. In 2014 I had set my challenge at 50...passed it and reset it to 150 because I had finished so many in a short amt of time. Then I slowed my reading, didn't get to the new goal and actually felt discouraged. Which is foolish since I did get past 100 read of varying page #'s. So this year I've set it at a doable topper and won't extend it. If I do happen to go over then YAY! It'll reflect as a positive of amount exceeded instead of not quite reaching the self imposed literary bar.


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