I have decided to finish this off and offer it up as a silent auction item for a friends charity. She was asking of items and since the organization is called Linked Through Love, a rustic heart would be a lovely match. 
They are currently trying to raise money to introduce a clean water filtration system along with latrines for the community and school.

For more expansive information you can have a visit to their webpage http://www.linkedthroughlove.com

Many of the families have either already added to their hearts, children from the DRC. While others still wait to being home their already adopted children but cannot due to a power struggle between our Canadian govt and that of the DRC when it comes to who budges first is supplying the children in question a entry/exit visa.

*its been a slow work but stitching progressive afternoon.* almost finished the colour blocks then it's on to the back stitching.


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