Monday, 16 February 2015

Family PD Day

The children are enjoying another long weekend off from school. Provincial holiday "family day" entitles them to have today off and they had Thurs & Friday off for scheduled teacher PD days. I however am sitting a work in the quiet office surprising those who are brave enough to venture out in this snowy weather. "I didn't think you were open today" has been a repeated phrase. "Today is a Provincial holiday not a Federal one" is my go to reply meaning simply that despite being just a tiny office I *am* open. Of course there are a few exceptions - my brother says their little post office is closed due to the fierce weather south shore is getting back east.

Fun in the Mail:

The 2nd cloth order arrived but sadly the "fog" colour looks like a faded oatmeal so I will be going with the purple tinged cloth originally arrived for hubby's bear. 

No worries - it will go good with the baby sampler I plan to stitch for my cousin Rindi. She's due in just under 2 mths. I've chosen this owl cradle rocker piece for her. She already has the nursery painted and decorated with baby animals.

I'm not sure who will get the boat boy sampler yet - if it turns out my sister is having a boy, then I will make it for her. The mermaid I will do for my brother for Xmas as a play off on his job (he's a lobsterman).

This Tranquility will be for the kids bus driver for her year end gift. The majority of it is bead work. 

WIPS Workings:

I've started putting the back stitching into the Heart Warming. It's coming along. 

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