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Friday Mail Fun

I recieved my Half the Sky shirts I ordered. They're a comfy t-shirt (not thin either). My so. Had his black one on yesterday and I wore my green one today. Fluky - my daughter came home from a sleep over wearing her navy one. Way to promote kid lets!

This is the front. It's suppose to b a sheep - but my daughter thinks it looks more like a lady dancing. On the back it has this(same shirt, different lighting)

Additional fun things: my husbands bday gift. ๐Ÿ˜‰ and movies "big hero 6" & "theory of everything".
I've been working on the back stitching of the Apple Crumble & started the Owl Announcement for my cousin. 

The Bear

Yikes!!!! There are 6 pages to this bear!!!! I thought it would be something like Stoney Creek's with 2 pages at max. The whole reason I stopped work on the Glass Skull was for this reason. Ugh. Now I'll have decide if I want to do this. Maybe I'll just buy him a gift and break with tradition of a piece each bday. *exasperated sigh*

Completed the Heartwarming Wreath. Now it's off to Cindy for the auction. I looked up the red winged black bird for symbolism - after all, the wreath itself represents love & warmth; nutritional foods & cheerfulness. Turns out this bird represents "life changes". Excellently paired. ๐Ÿ‘ 

And the cat came back.....of sorts

So I had been sneakily stitching bookmarks when I borrowed library books last year and putting them in when in returned them. I always liked the idea of finding neat hidden items in books. Sometimes it's small grocery lists or a leaf or flower petal when I get my books. Makes me wonder abut who had the book previous and often smile at the discovery. Well a bookmark was discovered by the next borrower and returned to the library....which tracked me down and sent it back. Haha not quite my plan but regardless, she took a bit of a trip.

Family PD Day

The children are enjoying another long weekend off from school. Provincial holiday "family day" entitles them to have today off and they had Thurs & Friday off for scheduled teacher PD days. I however am sitting a work in the quiet office surprising those who are brave enough to venture out in this snowy weather. "I didn't think you were open today" has been a repeated phrase. "Today is a Provincial holiday not a Federal one" is my go to reply meaning simply that despite being just a tiny office I *am* open. Of course there are a few exceptions - my brother says their little post office is closed due to the fierce weather south shore is getting back east.

Fun in the Mail:
The 2nd cloth order arrived but sadly the "fog" colour looks like a faded oatmeal so I will be going with the purple tinged cloth originally arrived for hubby's bear. 

No worries - it will go good with the baby sampler I plan to stitch for my cousin Rindi. She's …

Library Books

My husband always laughs at me when i go to the library. Not because he thinks going is humorous but that when I tell him "oh I've just got to swing in and drop off this one book" I always walk back out with 3 new ones. The actual number varies though seems to be an odd number rather then even. Our town library is small yet adequate. We are on a interlibrary check out network where the majority of books are requested and sent from various other small libraries in the system. TRACPac (The Regional Automated Consortium)The notice on the counter top yesterday exclaimed that in the month of January, 597 books were requested and held for patrons. It's still hard to get certain titles though that are either new releases or just not popular reads and therefore not in their system. In collaboration with my GoodReads acct it is challenging to NOT have books on the go or in my ever expanding "to-read" bookshelf. I currently have 9 books signed out. 
Expecting The Third…

Fun in the Mail

An order arrived today! 

I had plans for these fabric choices however the Shale which even looks mildly brown isn't. It's a light purple. Less so then DaVinci. The Ale is a muddy brown colour as well not a golden swirl like advertised. I understand from previous purchases that colours shown are not always a match due to the dying process, that doesn't stop the slight disappointment however. I'll just be using it for something else instead the .

The blue Aida I bought to do this Bear Fishing is a better match, though darker then anticipate. Hopefully the blue threads required don't melt into the cloth though. This piece I will do for a customer whose nickname is (Mistahimaskwa ) 'Grizzly'.

The Relief black bear is intended for my husbands birthday next month. It was suppose to be done in the Shale Aida.......
I really like the Remember piece. This photo makes it look darker then the floss choices are. It's quite bold.


I have decided to finish this off and offer it up as a silent auction item for a friends charity. She was asking of items and since the organization is called Linked Through Love, a rustic heart would be a lovely match.  They are currently trying to raise money to introduce a clean water filtration system along with latrines for the community and school.
For more expansive information you can have a visit to their webpage
Many of the families have either already added to their hearts, children from the DRC. While others still wait to being home their already adopted children but cannot due to a power struggle between our Canadian govt and that of the DRC when it comes to who budges first is supplying the children in question a entry/exit visa.
*its been a slow work but stitching progressive afternoon.* almost finished the colour blocks then it's on to the back stitching.