Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Weekend Updating (Day 10-13)

This weekend I went to the city to get the threads I needed but they didn't have many of the ones I needed either. I finished making 2 of the ornaments into, well ornaments. I tried a different style using a foam base but didn't like how messy it still looked on the backing.

Both the recipients were appreciative though so that's a bonus. Floyd even pointed out how he still has the magnet & framed kiss I've given him previous years. I also was able to finish off Peter, Mary & Hatty.

I started work on my neighbours birthday piece. Her birthday isn't until June so I've got a while yet but I want to get as many things done before I lose interest or life gets busy. 

I'm not sure where some of the pages I had copied went of my Horse Welcome, so I will have to locate the main pattern so I can recopy it. I did have the 2nd 1/2 of the word 'welcome' so was able to stitch that in.

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