Wednesday, 14 January 2015

*Silent Mind Mumbles*

When I was younger, elementary age to be a little more specific, my parents played host to a few Chinese exchange students. I had the biggest crush on Stanley. Slim with sinewy muscles always smiling & he had this spicy smell to him. I swore in my little girl mind that I was going to marry him. Of course that never happened. I married a big, very Caucasian man. Infact the only guy I ever dated that wasn't bleach white was a jerk from Chilé in grade 8.  (No brush stroking his behaviour with the country, it's just facts. He was from Chilé and sported an attitude). Seems funny now to think back.

My draw to China, or at least the westernized idea of China, didn't lessen though. It's always been there hiding in the back like my own little dream. As I aged, my teenage brain dream occupation was to become a midwife, perhaps moving into a remote area to help smaller communities. This was old age midwifery not newly informed stuck in a clinical building ob/gyn. (That didn't happen either). In my 'save the world, be eco friendly, go green' young mind I thought of adopting. I had a lot of love to give, surely someone out there would benefit from that. I had 3 kids naturally. 

Now as my eldest has turned 18 and no longer living at home, the baby bug is back. Okay so It never eased up over the years (hence my collection of pets. It was my hubby's way of soothing the baby desire) so it's a good thing I can't carry babies anymore or we might find ourselves on a "crazy baby lady" show. Or still be in competition with my SIL & hubby (they have 6).

My obsessional book genre of late has been just that: international adoption. It will never happen for me. I'm not daft enough to think otherwise, but in my husband is big on travel ideas. We've never gone anywhere but the ideas are there. He's got a lot of negative comments on traveling to certain countries. I've mentioned waiting to go to China, he shot that down by telling me all the terrible things about it (a place he's never been too either) and how I wouldn't like it because of various reasons. Then in the same breath tell me about the experiences of coworkers and how they sounded cool. Frustrating. 

I've thought about doing international humanitarian trips. (He had reasons why that would be a terrible idea as well). I don't think I could visit any of the orphanages though. My heart would break many times over with the inability to open my home to the children needing love. 

What I do have is a FB newsfeed is full of posts from Half The Sky, author Kay Bratt, Sprout Tops, Ladybug Love. What I do have are 2 delightful girls I sponsor from Mongolia through WV. What I do have are flash cards, CDs and downloaded apps to help me learn to speak Mandarin. What I do have is a newly arrived cabbage patch baby😋.


Meet Neroli Ting. She smells sweetly of baby powder. I don't remember CB babies being so big though. She's the same size a regular newborn would be. Her name means Graceful Orange Blossom.

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