Friday, 9 January 2015

Day 9 - Stitching 9

A little bit of bead work. The pattern is called <u>Rustic Wreath</u> I see little multi shaded red beads. 

Insomnia....bringing needle an thread together for hours at a time. My brain is very active at the calmest of times, but this past month, witha 4th break in at my place of work & the continued court visits that follow, my mind is in over drive and I can't settle.

I've done a lot of catching up on my NCIS DVDs. I recieved the full 10 seasons a while back,recently  started at the beginning & I'm 1/2 way through season 9 now. I'm so tired at the start of the day that it's muddled & my balance is off. Missed the last 3 steps coming down from my room this AM. Good thing the wall was RiGhT tHeRe to break the momentum of the stumble. 

Went to the fabric store yesterday for my floss but they didn't have any of the colours I needed - so it means going to the city this weekend for them (+ a few other things). I have a Michael's gift card to spend.


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