Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Day 14 - insomnia continues

Last year, my quiet little office suffered 3 break ins and a vandalism. The first 2 times things were stolen. Not grand things but things none the less. The 1st time the majority of it was my own personal effects (CDs,a small speaker, some nicknacky items) with a few packages belonging to customers. The second time there was a fair bit of damage, a few pieces of mail (govt cheques). The 3rd time there was so much damage it took full paycheques to mend my office.
The kicker to being that since my office is by contract a "PM supplied" facility - it means I am responsible for not only finding a place for the office, but for paying all the bills, rent, utilities, repairs and maintenance out of personal pocket. These break ins have done a ding on my personal income for my family contribution as I've had to use my pay cheques to mend the broken items. Canada
Post finally came around and provided me with an alarm system (which I had not had in place before as this is the 1st times in the last 7 years I've been here! Plus, again, it would have been an additional cost from out of my own pocket to do so.) police have caught the culprits of the 3 break ins but not yet told me any info on it beyond that in the last 2 incidents, they were minors and therefore cannot give out the information. Total Crock I think! They should at least tell me what the consequences are. Ease my mind and those of my customers!

The vandalism came after the alarms were installed. Police figure it's inexperienced children due to the height of the damage. I have yet to hear back if any of their leads panned out.

My mind is very busy. I've certain ice declared this bit before. It's crafty and imaginative and cluttered. Add in the panic of coming into work and not knowing what I'm going to find-----and its an active brain disaster. Hence the insomnia. My homeopathic Dr had me on some lovely hormone levelling supplements. Partly for the insomnia, but also for weight loss, thyroid adjusting & allergies. They were working, however in Dec my GP ran my normal blood panel, found nothing out of the ordinary, called the homeopathic a quack and told me to stop my supplements. Which I did...and I've not slept a full night since. Case in point - it's 3 am here. I need to wake up in 4.5 hrs to go to work and I've yet to bed down.

Stitching is speeding along on the Monaco piece though.

It will be on pause today (once the real day begins) as I need to hunt down the remaining colours required.

I will take Scotty dog #5 with me to work. Ooooh! If you're not yet aware by having recieved the notice email ~ Brooke's Books has a Lot Sale going on right now. I'll admit I gave in and placed an order. But it was too good to pass up. For $77 (a little more with the Cdn vs Us exchange + s&h) I will be getting 40 patterns. Regularly priced at $300 for all of them. Here's the link if you should which to get them yourselves.

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