Monday, 18 May 2015

Thus Begins: Frugal '15

This past year was emotionally draining on me, my children and our family as a whole. The last few years have steadily been deteriorating as the older children try to find their way in life, deal with bullying and come to terms that parents are not the bad guys. After going through some legal troubles  & mental health issues, we have made it through 2014 bruised, battered, scarred but all accounted for. So while it may not look like much to the outside world - it is plenty important to me.

I've gone through a bunch of WIP's, selected a few pieces on the top of the bin & have begun adding stitches to them. It was a very slow few days at work w/ everyone still in sloth mode and not coming in.

As per the frugal declaration - I want to use up as much of my on hand supplies before getting any more. I have plenty patterns in my books and magazines that have been earmarked for eventual doing, so it would be nice to actually get them done.

 I've aslo decided on a few 2015 new starts. One being the gifted charts from Brooke's Books called Advent 25. I have already printed off the available 10 patterns. The aim will be to do all 25 so that when Christmas decorating rolls around again in 11 mths time I will be able to have a small tree dedicated to displaying stitched pieces.  I began & finished Katie Kitty already today and started on Pierre Penguin as well. He's #7 in the collection but his drunken martini juggling seemed fitting for New Years Eve.

It's actually stitched on baby blue Charles craft not a washed out colour like it's showing up here.

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