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Summer Check In

Hola heat batman! Glad the summer is warm, even though I spend most of it indoors for work.
I finished a pillow for my brother in laws son. He just turned 4. 
I used a glow in the dark white for the eyes - I only stitched it in a single thread so hopefully it doesn't glow enough to be creepy. I doesn't show up here but the black area of the pillow has a web print to it. Design was from a free croix de pointe du jour site. I altered it to just be 5 simple colours instead of all the single blocks of multiple colours original charted (site uses a computer program to make charts from pixeled gifs). 
I've got an iris started for a friend of mine who just had her birthday 
I've got 2 others picked out to do, 1 for her town sister and 1 for another community member whose birthday is this coming Friday.
 Almost finished a 'Rustic Barn'. I had to re start one because it didn't seem to line up. Printed off the pages and reconfigured then to fit properly. 
My eyes have beco…