Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Weekend Works

This is the piece I chose to start over the weekend. Its a paper folded hat from the book Japan Point de Croix.

Here is the progress for my MIL's piece. I found I was falling behind when I was just doing 1 heart at a time. So instead I changed up the mundane and did their outlines and will work on the floral/fauna between. Clearly it didn't get completed for Christmas, but her birthday is at the end of Feb so perhaps I shall have it all done away with for then.

I had a customer come in and ask me how it was going on my piece. I asked her which piece as she has seen me working on a few. She meant my cousins cabin sampler for their wedding...which I became so frustrated with I have not even bothered to pick it up let alone finish. I told her this. She seemed to scowl when I mentioned how I was currently working on other WIPs projects. Shes not a crazed stitcher like I am, having multiple pieces on the go. Never sure if or when things will be completed. It makes me testy when clearly non crafty persons scoff at the in completion of my stitchings.

Better yet......


My 123 Stitch arrived!

In it was a large assortment of dmc floss (97) to go along with the patterns ordered;
3 blending thread colours

(3) Oatmeal (Fiddlers Cloth) 15x18 aida
Christmas Red 12x18 aida
Vintage Smokey white 18x21 aida
Pebble Gray 12x18 aida
Hunter Green 15x18 aida
White aida
A small grab bag of 14-18ct pieces of aida, mostly in natural tones. 2 of them are sparkled.

And the Patterns:

Stoney Creek's Majesty in Motion (horses) booklet
Christmas Snowman
Scandinavia Map
Moon & Spider Apple Cider

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