Sunday, 26 January 2014


I pulled down 2 of my craft bins this afternoon and was able to sort through the balled up knot of colours  and get them properly put into their coordinating number bags (100 series w/ 100's, 3800 series w/ 3800's....etc).

While having everything strewn about the living room corner I was inhabiting, my husband looked over & began this conversation:

(Him) "So, outta curiosity, how much money do you figure that's all worth?"
*gesturing to the piles of floss I am blanketed in*

 (Me)  Umm.....*insert guilty look* why?

(H) "Well, how much is each thread?"

.......avoiding the question I answer with a bland statement of "Depends where I get them from".

(H) *now starting to sound annoyed* On average.

(M) between 45c - 79c

(h) So basically every 2 threads is a dollar. And you have how many bags full of colours?

(m) I don't know. I do know I've got plenty repeats of a few

(H) uh huh. (goes back to flipping through his phone)

(M) -----*mentally thinking - I won't volunteer how much cloth costs lol*

He clearly does not understand the importance of having plenty of colours to select from. (j/k)

What would be fantastic would be to eventually have a floss drawer like what they have at the fabric store to keep my skeins in. The bags are great for keeping the groups in, but it would be better to have a set up to see how many of each colour I have and which ones I do not. I don't like using the floss wind cards.

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