Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Trial

I'm going to try something different for the month of January. If I like it...or more honestly, if I think that it is working, I will continue to add months but for now I'll aim for Month One.

The idea will be do focus on one solo piece for a designated day. So I will pick out 5 projects to work on during the week having the 2 weekend days set aside for "whatever" day where I can pick up any of the weeks worth of projects to add a few stitches into. And one for "new starts". I realize that by allowing one day for new projects that I'm allowing myself to further add to the pile of WIPS, however, since I know I will do this anyways, I wanted to give myself at least one day designated so I don't go all crazy and decided to start a bunch of new pieces through out the week.

So. For MONTH ONE:  I have picked out the following pieces


Tuesday: THE WORLD

Wednesday: CUTE AS A BUG



Saturday/Sunday: Whatever/New Project Start

Today I've been adding a few stitches to all of these projects in between driving/collecting & waiting for my children as they busy about their social lives. 

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