Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year ~ 2014~

~~~~~      Happy New Year!!!      ~~~~~

 I went back over my UFO/WIP's listing page & was able to happily check off various pieces that I have completed. Granted a great many of them were from the '2013 Starts' list but still completions all the same There were those that got some added stitches to them but did not make the completion pile, and still others which did not get to be held, see the light of day, or have anything done to them at all.

I managed to finish off the little ornaments I was hoping to before years end - most have gone to their prospective gift-getter.

I Love Santa


Side 1
Side 2


 As with every year, I start off a new one with the gumption and desire of a newly gym membership bound individual. Putting a large push of energy into the first few months, then having it peter out as the months roll on. Why should this year be any different? *haha*

I have randomly selected a couple pieces from the depths of my ufo pile and begun working on them. I can happily report that both are nearing completion. 

The Northern Cardinal - I don't have any plans of this one once its complete as of yet.


and since it has taken me 13 years to complete a baby sampler for her, Cute as a Bug will be for my daughter. I will forgo the one I had originally started for her that many years ago as it has since been tarnished from having something spilled on it.

I have placed an order with 123 stitch for more thread, floss and a couple patterns from off my 'wish list'. 

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