Sunday, 26 January 2014

Asian Flavour

 A mixture of literature and stitching. I got lured in by a novel last week and have been reading as many of the authors addtional novels as I could get my hands on so far.

The author is Kay Bratt. Each of her novels base themselves in China, where she transferred to accompany her husband . During this time afar she lovingly spent volunteer hours at the local orphanage  Reading her books I felt a pull on heart strings for this children. Anger at the society that put such a low respect for their own citizens and the men who allowed for this to all happen for multitudes of generations.
I felt a part of me wanting to 'rescue' the unloved little girls so coldly discarded......I couldn't stop reading.

Books included:

 'Chasing China' - where an adopted (chinese) American girl wanted to discover a connection with her heritage. To find out who she really is beyond the loving family who raised her, help mend her self esteem on the fear that she was just an unloved cast aside female, she travels back to China to visit the orphange she was adopted from. There her eyes are opened to much more then she thought possible.

I looked forward to reading the sequel "House of Hu" however have not been able to find it.

'Scavengers Daughters' and 'Tangled Vines' (parts 1 & 2)....the 3rd (Bitter Winds) is released in a few mths.

The tales of a Mao camp survivor who, along with his wife, try mending their broken hearts after their sole biological baby girl is stolen from them by taking in & raising many of the baby (+ toddler & U10) girls he finds discarded on his trips around town collecting trash. Continuing his mother in laws start of naming her daughter after a flower, each of the girls who are lovingly added to their poor yet large hearted family are bestowed a naming after flowers. Thus producing "Zhang's Flower Garden".

The 2nd book continues the story of the current eldest @ home daughter as she tries to repay the life her adoptive parents gave her by seeking out what happened to their stolen babe.

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