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Capping off the Month

Checking back on my list and this is what has occurred this month progress wise:


THE WORLD Map       Almost done
- back stitched outlining still needs to be done

CUTE AS A BUG    Almost done
- We had a freak sunny few days and things began to massively melt (it was +13, a normal 'high' might have been -7C). The ceiling began to leak & it dribbled all over my pattern & stitching. So I'm now in the process of waiting for a new copy of the pattern to arrive before I can continue because it was damaged.

- No good reason why its not complete. I just find it drab and keep putting it down.

FAMILY TREE      Almost done
- 5 more hearts to solidify and then it'll be ready for framing. This also means that it will be finished off in time for it to go to my MIL for her birthday. I'm thinking about just surprising her and hanging it up in the cabin instead of taking it to the house.

I managed to complete 2 smaller desi…
It was requested to do a stitching for this poem. However I couldn't find the image in any of my books that would accompany it so I crafted this little bum warmer using my PC Stitch program. Its apparent showcase placement will be in one of my parents outhouses to inspire whimsy.

Put in some back stitching and have just the lower left Earth corner to complete for The World.

Asian Flavour

A mixture of literature and stitching. I got lured in by a novel last week and have been reading as many of the authors addtional novels as I could get my hands on so far.

The author is Kay Bratt. Each of her novels base themselves in China, where she transferred to accompany her husband . During this time afar she lovingly spent volunteer hours at the local orphanage  Reading her books I felt a pull on heart strings for this children. Anger at the society that put such a low respect for their own citizens and the men who allowed for this to all happen for multitudes of generations.
I felt a part of me wanting to 'rescue' the unloved little girls so coldly discarded......I couldn't stop reading.

Books included:

 'Chasing China' - where an adopted (chinese) American girl wanted to discover a connection with her heritage. To find out who she really is beyond the loving family who raised her, help mend her self esteem on the fear that she was just an unloved cast a…


I pulled down 2 of my craft bins this afternoon and was able to sort through the balled up knot of colours  and get them properly put into their coordinating number bags (100 series w/ 100's, 3800 series w/ 3800's....etc).

While having everything strewn about the living room corner I was inhabiting, my husband looked over & began this conversation:

(Him) "So, outta curiosity, how much money do you figure that's all worth?"
*gesturing to the piles of floss I am blanketed in*

 (Me)  Umm.....*insert guilty look* why?

(H) "Well, how much is each thread?"

.......avoiding the question I answer with a bland statement of "Depends where I get them from".

(H) *now starting to sound annoyed* On average.

(M) between 45c - 79c

(h) So basically every 2 threads is a dollar. And you have how many bags full of colours?

(m) I don't know. I do know I've got plenty repeats of a few

(H) uh huh. (goes back to flipping through his phone)

(M) -----*ment…

Weekend Works

This is the piece I chose to start over the weekend. Its a paper folded hat from the book Japan Point de Croix.

Here is the progress for my MIL's piece. I found I was falling behind when I was just doing 1 heart at a time. So instead I changed up the mundane and did their outlines and will work on the floral/fauna between. Clearly it didn't get completed for Christmas, but her birthday is at the end of Feb so perhaps I shall have it all done away with for then.
I had a customer come in and ask me how it was going on my piece. I asked her which piece as she has seen me working on a few. She meant my cousins cabin sampler for their wedding...which I became so frustrated with I have not even bothered to pick it up let alone finish. I told her this. She seemed to scowl when I mentioned how I was currently working on other WIPs projects. Shes not a crazed stitcher like I am, having multiple pieces on the go. Never sure if or when things will be completed. It makes me testy when cl…

Valentine's for Vets

Every year I make and send off valentines cards for the program "Valentine's for Veterans". This year I decided to do a few stitched front designs. I printed off a 4'done in 1/2 hr' quick stitch patterns that were love related.  All measuring under 60x60 stitches. 

The program requests that all cards be mailed in for the Feb 1st deadline. I've included the address below in case anyone else was interested.

Valentines for Vets
Veterans Affairs Canada
P.O. Box 7700
Charlottetown, PE C1A 8M9

This is the 1st pattern I finished tonight. There are 6 cards all done the same style.

Week 1 - Monday & Tuesday Edition

Excitingly I have almost completed the 1st page (its 2 pages) of the Tribal Panda! I'm optimistic I can finish it off come next Monday.

World Map is 3/4 finished as well. This one will take a bit of time. Not that it's terribly difficult, but I'm fairly certain there is a stitch out of place some where in the middle which may require frogging once I locate it. *le sigh* There wasn't much time today to put in stitches but I did manage to get the Water titan in.

New Trial

I'm going to try something different for the month of January. If I like it...or more honestly, if I think that it is working, I will continue to add months but for now I'll aim for Month One.

The idea will be do focus on one solo piece for a designated day. So I will pick out 5 projects to work on during the week having the 2 weekend days set aside for "whatever" day where I can pick up any of the weeks worth of projects to add a few stitches into. And one for "new starts". I realize that by allowing one day for new projects that I'm allowing myself to further add to the pile of WIPS, however, since I know I will do this anyways, I wanted to give myself at least one day designated so I don't go all crazy and decided to start a bunch of new pieces through out the week.

So. For MONTH ONE:I have picked out the following pieces


Tuesday: THE WORLD

Wednesday: CUTE AS A BUG




Happy New Year ~ 2014~

~~~~~      Happy New Year!!!      ~~~~~

I went back over my UFO/WIP's listing page & was able to happily check off various pieces that I have completed. Granted a great many of them were from the '2013 Starts' list but still completions all the same There were those that got some added stitches to them but did not make the completion pile, and still others which did not get to be held, see the light of day, or have anything done to them at all.
I managed to finish off the little ornaments I was hoping to before years end - most have gone to their prospective gift-getter.


 As with every year, I start off a new one with the gumption and desire of a newly gym membership bound individual. Putting a large push of energy into the first few months, then having it peter out as the months roll on. Why should this year be any different? *haha*
I have randomly selected a couple pieces from the depths of my ufo pile and begun working on them. I can happily report that both ar…