Thursday, 22 August 2013

Family Progression

DD & I went on a mini vacation the last week. I brought the 2 wedding pieces with us in anticipation of rain & long nights hung up in a hotel room. That however never was the case leaving me no real time to stitch & even on the plane arm room was limited so I couldn't really do any there either. It certainly left a bit of a set back so I've had to do some heavy pushing this week. 

Jason & Alysha's Wedding Piece:
I have managed to get some of the side & roof started on the cabin, as well as a nice chunk of the trees in the cabin back ground.

Martha's Gramma Piece:
I was able to get a few more hearts worked on and more of the foliage.

Amiee & Dan's Wedding Piece:
I got the upper body done & have started on the left hand side of the gown.

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